My Son The Lady’s Man

I Love JosieCan’t read what that chicken scratch says right there?

Ima tell you what it says. This is the ardent proclamation of my 3.5 year old toddler boy. In sidewalk chalk. As one does. Well, when you’re a toddler I suppose.

“I Love Josie.”

That’s right. Already, it has begun. Pretty soon he’ll be scrawling out the names of his crushes on the inside flap of his binder or on his pencil case. Sure, it’s kind of cute, but mostly of the WTF variety.

I mean really. He’s THREE AND A HALF PEOPLE. Psh. Boy needs to slow down. No matter how voluptuous and bouncing his curls. Or dark, arching and fluttery his lashes. Or angled and flirtatious his grin.

You might think that he was goaded on in some way. That surely a young gaffer wouldn’t think of writing out such a classic profession of affection already.

Oh, but he did. When asked who this Josie girl is, he replied matter-of-factly, “She’s my friend at school. She’s pretty. She know her ABCs and can draw a circle.” With the hugest lop-sided grin, tip of his head and squinty twinkle in his eyes.

I’m fully aware that I can’t really make him stop. Boy has some kind of natural swagger when it comes to matters of the heart.  I am but a mom of a toddler, who just so happens to be an authentic lady’s man.


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