My Three-Year-Old’s Board is My New Favorite Thing on Pinterest

Normally the things my three-year-old daughter and I like to do are very different. She likes to pretend she is a train and I like to curl up with a crossword. She likes to cook pretend soup in a wooden pot and I like to order take-out. She likes to read the same book over and over again and I like to toss out a magazine as soon as I am finished with it.

But then one day everything changed.

My computer was sitting on my kitchen counter and I happened to pull up my Pinterest boards while she was in the room.

Mazzy saw the pretty pictures populate the screen and asked me what I was looking at. I explained that it is called Pinterest and you just pin the pictures that you like the best.

“Can I pin something?”


Mazzy likes to pin mainly pink things, food things and and cute animals. Kind of exactly what you would expect from a three-year-old girl. She makes imaginative search requests (“Pink whales!” “Purple clouds!” “Elephant ice cream!”) and we see what comes up. Then she selects her favorite photo from the bunch.

But the best part is her comments. I try to write exactly what she says about each picture as my caption. Here are twenty of the pins from a board I call, “Mazzy’s Pins” with the search request she made to find it.

  • Search: Cat Pizzas 1 of 20

    "Cat Pizzas!!!!!" (Yes, sometimes it is what it is, there is no need to elaborate.)

    Image Source: Flickr

  • Search: Lollipop cake 2 of 20

    "Do you know what? WE HAD THOSE AT GAVIN'S PARTY!!!!"

    Image Source: Caramel Cookie

  • Search: Bunnies 3 of 20

    "That's silly! It's a superhero bunny!"

    Image Source: Des Fils et des Gommettes

  • Cat with Bubbles 4 of 20

    "Do you want to see something funny? THAT'S FUNNY! Because that cat is wearing bubble glasses! Hahahaha. That's really funny!"

    Image Source: Googy Dog

  • Search: Sunset 5 of 20

    "It's a picture of a sun and clouds and a tree and silly birds. I like it but something is funny about it. A broccoli is a tree. Hahahahaha."

    Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

  • Search: Baby Elephants 6 of 20

    "Look it's a baby inside an elephant! That's a costume. Maybe Harlow can be that elephant for Halloween. Now let's look up pink elephant ice cream!"

    Image Source: Spirit Halloween

  • Search: Tinkerbell costumes 7 of 20

    "I want to pin a Tinkerbell costume. That one! With the yellow hair! I am so excited. I couldn't even believe it."

    Image Source: Las Vegas Blog

  • Search: Teddy Bears 8 of 20

    "It's a teddy bear of bread and things! Hahahaha!"

    Image Source: Minieco

  • Search: Pink clouds in a pink sky 9 of 20

    "I want to pin pink clouds. Pink clouds in a pink sky. Oh, yeah."

    Image Source: Love This Pic

  • Search: Ernie and Bert 10 of 20

    Mazzy: "Look! Bert and Ernie! Is that Bert and Ernie? I think Bert is made out of cheese and Ernie is made out of orange." Me: "I think Bert is a banana." Mazzy: "No, it's cheese. It's really cheese."

    Image Source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

  • Search: Ranibow Sprinklers 11 of 20

    "Rainbow Sprinklers!!!!!" (That's what Mazzy calls "sprinkles").

    Image Source: B Lovely Events

  • Search: Buggies 12 of 20

    "Look at these! I don't like those things."

    Image Source: Bento Mama

  • Search: Dogs with shirts on 13 of 20

    "I want to pin a doggie with a shirt on. THAT ONE STANDING UP!!!! Hahahaha. He's standing up."

    Image Source: Genevieve Lacombe Photographe

  • Search: Pink Pumpkins 14 of 20

    "Let's look for PINK EVERYTHING. Oh I like that one because it has an M on it. An M for Mazzy!!!"

    Image Source: Pinterest

  • Search: Pink telephone 15 of 20

    "I want to do telephones. Pink telephones. I said PINK TELEPHONES!!! Yeah. I love that one. It's all pink because it is. Now let's PLAY telephones."

    Image Source: Society 6

  • Search: A Flower with a Poopie on Top 16 of 20

    Mazzy: "Let's look up a green flower with a poopie on top." Me: "How about just a green flower?" Mazzy: "How about a poop flower?" Me: "Okay..." Mazzy: "Look at that one! I think it's a dog taking a poop on top of a flower."

    Image Source: Pinterest

  • Search: Silly Dogs 17 of 20

    Mazzy: "I see something I like. What's his name?" Me: "Charlie Brown." Mazzy: "Charlie Brown. That's my favorite."

    Image Source: B Terrier

  • Search: Chocolate Cookies 18 of 20

    "That's a bicycle made out of chocolate! That's FUNNY!"

    Image Source: Little Cook

  • Search: Silly Banana 19 of 20

    Mazzy: "Look at that banana! That has feet and eyes and hands and a mouth!" Me: "I think it's a dolphin." Mazzy: "NO, IT'S NOT A DOLPHIN!!" Me: "Then what is it then?" Mazzy: "It's a banana."

    Image Source: The Pregnant Princess

  • Search: Minnie Mouse 20 of 20

    "Minnie and Mickey Mouse! They're doing noses!!! I'm done pinning."

    Image Source: We Heart It

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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