My Toddler Belongs on Hoarders

Harrison just waking up...

I am constantly amazed at the amount of stuff my toddler wants to sleep with.

It started off innocently with one stuffed monkey, who we named Templeton. Templeton was the center of Harrison’s universe and I even went on a tangent regarding toy scalping when we thought ol’ Templeton went missing one day. Then came Hank, Harrison’s car lovey that somehow made his way inside the house. These two guys were the “friends” that were required for bedtime and I always tucked my boy in bed with a smile, remembering how I used to sleep with a stuffed puppy and a hankerchief.

But then, my boy fell in love with cars and trucks and all things with wheels and started wanting to bring them to bed. A garbage truck one night, a Matchbox car the next. Then he started sneaking books into bed and I even found a toddler flashlight under his sheets one night – if I remember correctly, I didn’t start sneaking flashlights under the sheets until I was seven years old and obsessed with horse books.

  • Matchbox Cars 1 of 7
    Matchbox Cars
    He has at least five Matchbox cars with him at all times and even the bus bag he carries them in.
  • Templeton 2 of 7
    His beloved stuffed monkey, the favorite since he was six months old.
  • Blankets 3 of 7
    His duvet from Ikea, but also a fleece "Mater" blanket. Kid loves Cars.
  • Books 4 of 7
    He asks to keep the night's bedtime story in bed with him. He usually re-reads it to himself when he wakes up in the morning, so I don't mind.
  • Hank 5 of 7
    Beloved lovey #2, aka Hank the Giraffe.
  • Monster trucks 6 of 7
    Monster trucks
    The kid just loves things with four wheels.
  • The dog 7 of 7
    The dog
    We don't allow her to sleep in the room with him (we just don't trust them together) but she does go in when he wakes up.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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