My Toddler Boy Loves A Girl Show

headerWhile I was away at Blissdom blogging conference, my husband texted me that our three-year-old son had discovered a new love – the televisions how My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic by Hasbro.

Oh, my. The giggles exploded from me and I simply had to find out what it was about, so we Face Timed and I received a full lesson in Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle and cutie marks, straight from the mouth of my son.  “Mommy, you are Twighlight Sparkle and Daddy is Apple Jack and Hibby is Rainbow.” I nodded seriously and said that I was thrilled to be a pony. My husband warned me that when I returned, there would be no more Chuck the Truck or Curious George – it was all ponies all the time now.

I adore my husband because he never once discouraged our son’s new love – he simply rolled with it and endured episodes over the course of the rainy weekend.

It really didn’t come as a shock to me that our son now preferred a “girl television show” over the usual trucks and dinosaurs. He’s always adored the color pink and animals are a favorite. And that Rainbow pony is admittedly pretty cool – he flies and looks like a rockstar.

I’m sure some parents would cringe at the crossover from boy to girl merchandising but in our family, we prefer to be blind to gender stereotyping. Our boy loves Hot Wheels and he loves My Little Pony. He loves wrestling and the color pink and I think it makes him spectacular.

It also means that I now answer to Twilight Sparkle.

But there are worse things in life.



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