My Toddler Boy Wants His Nails Polished

Alright, I know I’ve touched on a related subject before, but in the last couple of days, my 3 year-old boy has requested multiple times that I paint his fingers and toes.

He saw me painting my toes before a wedding once, and another time in the bathroom. Then once, Daddy used nail polish to mark a spot when building a deck.

This morning, he saw the polish sitting out from the deck-building. It was a medium pink, but it had been outside for a long time and was starting to discolor.

This morning, he asked me to paint his nails with it and I told him “no” because we didn’t have enough time for it to dry.  I also gave the excuse that the nail polish was discolored so it probably wasn’t good anymore.

To which he replied: 

“But you have more nail polish in the bathroom. I can use that kind.”

Nothing gets past this kid.

So, I inquired where he’d seen nail polish lately, since I haven’t had a pedicure in too long to mention, and I never wear polish on my fingers.

“Who has nail polish?”

He mentioned the two girls at school that he talks about all the time. One is older. I think there may be a preschool crush situation.

Then he went back to the nail polish. I tried to see if he’d branch out to some colors other than the bright Cha-Ching Cherry OPI nail polish I knew was sitting in my medicine cabinet.

He wanted pink, but he said maybe yellow fingers and blue toes would be nice.

I went to the drugstore today and picked out a couple of bright colors for him, but then alas, I forgot my wallet, so didn’t buy them. Perhaps it was a Kismetic message telling me I’m still not sure about this whole nail polish thing.

I have no issues with painting his nails based on the fact that he’s a boy, it’s more that I want to protect him from being teased. While he’s only 3, there are already kids at school who say that pink is for girls and blue is for boys, princesses for girls and cars are for boys, etc. While I think this could be a great opportunity for teacher discussions about acceptance and tearing down these stereotypes, do I want my little boy to be the eye of the storm?

What would you do? Would you paint your boys’ nails if he asked? Have you painted your girls’ nails yet?

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