My Toddler is a Nudist

This potty training thing isn’t for the faint of heart. As if finding human urine and feces in random places through out the house isn’t terrible enough… now kid now refuses to wear clothes. Yes… my toddler is a nudist.

We are now finishing week 2 of potty training and since the get-go, our toddler insists on being completely naked while on the toilet. Apparently, he doesn’t want pee on any clothes – on the floor, walls or what have you, not big deal – but just not on his clothes. We embraced it as we just want him to do his nature calling on the toilet. Except now this naked event is ALL THE TIME.

Last weekend, my daughter turned 10 years old. We had her friend, who is the youngest by many years and has not brothers over for the weekend. The poor girl could not handle the nudity. She turned bright red and didn’t know what to think. Well honey, we don’t know what to think either.

While we do everything we can to shield our toddler’s bits and pieces, he just would rather experience life in his birthday suit.

  • HELP! My Toddler is a Nudist 1 of 6
    No clothes - no problem for my naked rockstar.
  • Bounce House 2 of 6
    Yes, that's my kid in the bounce house naked. Don't worry friends who visit, we sanitize it regularly.
  • Naked Egg Dyeing 3 of 6
    Let's hope he outgrows this by next year.
  • Get Out of MY BED 4 of 6
    UGH I need a very high bed that toddlers, specifically naked toddlers can't climb into.
  • Making Messes 5 of 6
    Making messes while naked is just apart of his day.
  • Underwear Hat 6 of 6
    We told him to wear his underwear at the dinner table. Maybe we should of been more specific.

What can I say, the boy has no shame in his game.

How Do You Contain Your Toddler’s Nudity? Would a Fig Leaf Work? 

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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