My Toddler Is Obsessed With The iPad

Click, click, swipe.  Should he be so good at this so soon?
Click, click, swipe. Should he be so good at this so soon?

For sixteen months, I have been so careful.  I only have the TV on after Cullen goes to bed, and while he’s certainly surrounded by technology on a daily basis, he’s not in direct contact with much.  Up until now, one of the few times Cullen has been allowed to play with the iPad is when we’re traveling.  Even with such limited access, he quickly taught himself how to hone in on that one little round button, and then swipe the bar with his chubby little pointer finger.

These days?  It’s a full blown addiction.  If he so much as sees the iPad in our house, he has a total meltdown.  He points, he cries, and he won’t let up until he gets it.  I have no problem with him doing some educational apps here and there.  Heck, I actually think they might even be beneficial.  The other day he started mooing at the cow and barking at the dog from Peekaboo Barn!  My husband and I started at each other in amazement as he continued to mimic the animal sounds – it was awesome.

I really want to find a good balance between limited technology exposure, and embracing the inevitable changes and mediums that are part of our world today.  I actually like the idea of using the iPad for educational purposes in reasonable amounts.  But even after twenty minutes of playing, Cullen throws a full blown tantrum when it’s time to turn it off and do something else.  I guess part of it is probably just his age, but it worries me that he’s so intent and so young.

How do you balance technology in your toddlers’ lives?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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