So, How Do You Get Your Toddler to Stop Throwing Forks at Your Head?

Don't be fooled by the cute, she's about to throw a pig at your face.

I’m being serious, and I’m not just talking about forks. I have a bruise between my eyes from a sippy cup, a lump on the back of my head from a remote, Addie has a knot above her right eye from Weeble and we’ve all had utensils and food tossed at us from across the dinner table.

Vivi has a throwing arm and she uses it a lot.

We’re not entirely sure how to stop her.

Tonight I ended up with a waffle in my lap, this morning Addie ended up with a ball in her glass of water and we all had sidewalk chalk chucked at us tonight. If she gets bored while¬† she’s eating, she starts making it rain. (Grapes, apple slices, scrambled eggs, whatever.) If she feels like you’re not paying attention to her, you’ll get a block to the head. If the sun came up in the East this morning? You will get something thrown at you.

She’s started throwing things at strangers too. It seems to be a habit she picked up at daycare (as well as biting and hitting), but I don’t want to blame daycare entirely for the throwing. I mean, we play ball with her and it’s fun because she really can toss a ball. But how do we teach her “BALLS! TOSS! FORKS! DO NOT TOSS!”? We learned the first time around, and from the parenting mistakes of others (not you obviously), to make our No’s! serious and follow through with punishments and consequences. Beyond that, how do you discipline a toddler who still thinks her bellybutton is the center of the universe?

How do you punish a baby who sneak attacks you with toys to the head? I can only say “no” in a very serious tone so many times and throwing it back at her head just seems counterproductive. (I’m kidding about throwing it back at her, we all got that right?)

Apparently I need to read up on my toddler discipline or I’m going to have to be reading up on my homeowners insurance policy after a dinner guest ends up with a fork in their eye.

Did your baby/toddler ever go through a tossing objects at your head phase? What helped?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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