My Toddler Will Eat You Under the Table. Literally. (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
Perhaps she’s searching for some literal salt of the earth

Peony, 17 months, is a lot of things: Cuddly, mellow, funny, engaging, eminently sweet and always hungry.

I’m now adding something else to her list: Quirky.

Yesterday she decided to eat a little differently.(What she ate didn’t change — she’ll eat anything and everything in sight. She’s was and remains a walking garbage disposal.)

She ate under the table. And in a big chair. And at a kids’ table. She’s hell-bent on loving her routine, so that she broke out of her routine so spectacularly (hey, she’s only 17 months old so everything she does is spectacular) was notable.

Take a look:

  • It Started Out Under the Kids’ Arts and Crafts Table 1 of 5
    It Started Out Under the Kids' Arts and Crafts Table
    She seemed to purposefully not finish her apple sauce while in her booster chair. Instead, she strategically left it near the edge of the kitchen table and when she got down, she grabbed the container and raced off to finish it under another table.
  • And it Continued There for a Bit 2 of 5
    And it Continued There for a Bit
    She only came out to demand a refill in her sippy cup.
  • And Then it Moved Over to Daddy’s Chair 3 of 5
    And Then it Moved Over to Daddy's Chair
    She insisted on eating her banana on Daddy's chair.
    She seemed to enjoy the freedom from being strapped into anything.
  • Dinner Was at a Kids’ Table 4 of 5
    Dinner Was at a Kids' Table
    We had dinner at a friend's house last night and she positively delighted in sitting at a child-size table with her big sister.
    The Thai food wasn't too bad, either.
  • And Just When We Thought All Was Back to Normal 5 of 5
    And Just When We Thought All Was Back to Normal
    When Daddy wasn't looking at breakfast this morning, she took her plate off the table and plopped down underneath it to finish her bagel.
    It was a move that pleased her immensely. The attention seemed to be kind of fun, too.

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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