My Toddlers Aren’t Perfect And Neither Are Yours

toddlers are not perfectI am mom to 2 toddler boys who can be the sweetest most loving kids, but truth be told – they are nowhere near perfect.

My boys like to run around naked. If you leave them alone, they will tear down curtain rods and use them as swords. They will color the walls with lovely shades of whatever pen, crayon, marker, pencil they can get a hold of. They will get distracted and leave the dinner table right in the middle of a meal. Our kid books have ripped covers and there is a good chance our boys have added their own artwork to them as well. They like to re-dress themselves and don’t be surprised if they are sporting a cape at the grocery store.

This is our life and these are our boys and again, they aren’t perfect. Just because my boys are being kids doesn’t mean that I’m not parenting or a bad mom, yet that is what society can make you feel like.

I don’t see my kids and their wild behavior as something that I have to keep mute about, but I always find it interesting the reactions that I sometimes get from other moms. “Your kid does that?” Yes, my kid does do that. “You let him color the walls?” No, I don’t use our walls as a canvas, but they do.

This is our life right now. This is how our toddler boys are and while it’s not perfect, nothing is.

We as toddler parents need to relax and embrace the chaos. Yes, minimize the toddler craziness when possible, and no I’m not saying let them destroy your house – but just know that this exploration mode is totally normal.  I was having lunch with a friend and she asked me, “Why doesn’t anyone tell you the truth about kids?” It’s true. We all want to sugarcoat the joy of kids. The pictures we post on Facebook are of the kids in their best outfits, smiling for the camera. Our conversations about them tend to be bragging about how good they are at school or at sports. In actuality, having kids is not easy, nor pretty. While I have no regrets having my kids – parenting is not something that is all fun and games. And while I’m not saying, talk crap and post the bad photos of your life all the time – it’s time we be transparent that life isn’t always perfect, especially with toddlers.

Like all things that are worth it, parenting toddlers requires work. This is just a phase, a few short years that we will most likely forget. In the mean time, let’s stop making our toddlers out to be perfect. Let them be imperfect, correct them when needed but embrace them being kids.  Let go of the perfect parenting syndrome and join the imperfect parent club. You won’t be alone, there are millions of us out there!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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