My Toddlers Can’t Control Their Licker

I started my blog more than six years ago, which means Vivi is now the age that Addie was when I first began documenting her life online for family and friends. It’s amazing to me to realize how much better I remember Addie’s toddler years simply because I photographed them and wrote about them almost daily. Blogging is so much different than journal keeping, perhaps because it has a community around it, not only am I able to put my own story and words out there, I’m able to get feedback and the stories of others in return.

It’s truly quite magnificent.

The similarities (and differences) between my two girls in their early toddler years are becoming more and more obvious, take for example Vivi’s current obsession with her tongue. It’s out all the time, it’s usually licking someone or something, and more recently it has started to show up in more and more pictures. Know who else has a lot of photos of them with their tongue out? Addie. The girl has my tongue down to width, length and talent. As gross as it may be, girl can lick the inside of her nostril with her tongue. (I’m counting on that one winning her a few bets in college.) While Vivi’s tongue isn’t quite as long, it is certainly present; leading me to believe that the toddler years are also known as The Time of the Tongue.

  • In the beginning… 1 of 14
    In the beginning...
    There was Addie. People cried Photoshop. But no Photoshop was involved, just genetics.
  • I mean… 2 of 14
    I mean...
    People used to make such a big deal about her tongue, looking back at these photos now? I CAN SEE WHY.
  • My what a big tongue you have! 3 of 14
    My what a big tongue you have!
    The better to pop you with!
  • Inside my mouth? 4 of 14
    Inside my mouth?
    Is an equally impressive tongue, but I keep it to myself and ice cream cones.
  • Always out 5 of 14
    Always out
    But never out of style.
  • Then there was Vivi 6 of 14
    Then there was Vivi
    Vivi's tongue has always seemed to be more of a focus thing, at least until recently.
  • Focused tongue 7 of 14
    Focused tongue
    A perfect example of Vivi's "focused tongue."
  • Toothy tongue 8 of 14
    Toothy tongue
    Seems like the tongue kicks into high gear whenever she gets new teeth.
  • Christmas tongue 9 of 14
    Christmas tongue
    This one may be a present opening focus tongue, but it could also be an attempt to lick the jelly off her face.
  • Jelly tongue 10 of 14
    Jelly tongue
    Yeah, I'm going to go with jelly licking.
  • Exerted effort tongue 11 of 14
    Exerted effort tongue
    How toddlers can get to a seated position to standing without using their knees or hands is beyond me.
  • Behold yesterday. 12 of 14
    Behold yesterday.
    As I was taking these photos yesterday I couldn't get over the glove on her right hand that she became OBSESSED with (more on that later.) But after going through them, apparently her tongue wanted in on the attention.
  • Peek! 13 of 14
    There she was, just hanging out behind a box with her tongue going.
  • New favorite 14 of 14
    New favorite
    Vivi thinks you look delicious.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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