My Toddlers Locked Me Out

Ha Ha Ha... Really not so much!

I took on the grocery store with three children in tow on Thursday. All was fun and games till it came time to unload my mini-van.

Since we live on a semi-busy main road I escorted the boys to the house, turned on the TV in the living room and explained to them, like they had not heard it 80,000 times before that they needed to wait in the house, safely, while I unloaded the car.

The first two loads of bags I had to repeat to them to go back into the living room. Well on the third trip back to the house… I got to the screen door, went to open it… and it was locked.

They had locked the screen door, and were both sitting there on the other side of the door giggling.

I have to admit at first I let out a little giggle myself because they are extremely clever, and mildly hysterical when they put their minds together, especially to plot against me.

But then they started walking back to the living room…

Ha… ha… ha! ┬áNice joke guys… now come on and unlock the door… No seriously… It isn’t funny anymore… unlock the door.

The best part of it all is the fact that no matter what, there simply is no key to that door because it is a simple screen door.

After they realized they were slowly gaining momentum onto the naughty list once I composed myself and put on my serious mommy face, they unlocked the door with ease.

Then came the lecture about how they should never lock that door, or play that game with Mommy ever again. In the back of my head as I said those words, I thought to myself for your own damn safety because next time I won’t laugh about it!

Life with toddlers is never dull right?

photo: bourgouin

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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