My Two Year Old Has a Blog

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So a while back Ben was asking me for his own blog. Because what two year old doesn’t need their own blog right?

Well I thought it would be a cute idea to give him one… well at least a small tab on my own website where I could post pictures, and of course add commentary partially from him — with my own little touch right?

But no sooner than I started it, I got a couple not so nice reactions.

“What kind of parent gives a toddler a blog?”

“Who would even read that?”

“What a stupid idea!”

Well I guess can be thankful for those who are supportive in Ben and I’s newest venture right?

The way I look at it is — he is only two and if he has hopes and dreams at this age, even if it is a stupid blog which he may not fully understand, I am not going to put a damper on it.

It is another way for him to use a creative outlet.

While he may not fully understand the concept of a blog, he knows that mommy does it — and it is my job and I think it is really neat that he wants to join in.

Wouldn’t you?

Do your kids take an interest in your job?

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