Naked Baby! Addison's Newest Obsession

Naked Baby!

Addison has developed a new obsession in the past week: taking her diaper off any chance she can get.

Swim Diaper? OFF!
Cloth diaper with Velcro? OFF!
Disposable Diaper? OFF!
Disposable Diaper on backwards? OFF!

The only solution I have been able to come to is using a cloth diaper with snaps to keep them on her. She has yet to figure out how to unsnap the diaper. 

This is a first in our household though. After two kids in diapers,  I have never had a diaper bandit like her. I am slightly horrified that my only daughter wants to be the naked kid as well.

I had kind of grown used to it with Benjamin since he always wanted to run around in nothing but a diaper, but I guess I just hope this is something Addison will grow out of over time. Or else we are all really in trouble!

It all started Sunday morning when my four-year-old ran into my bedroom while I was getting dressed and told me, “Addison threw a poopy diaper on the living room floor!”  Um … come again?

I went out to the living room half-dressed, and there was my little girl … happy as a pig and covered in poop! She was alone for two damn minutes in her playpen and this is what happened.

My husband started the bath tub and I got to work cleaning up the poop in the play pen. Not a fun task!

Fast forward to yesterday, we tried out the velcro diapers I have because of course my collection is about half velcro and half snaps. She had that sucker off within three minutes of putting it on her. DAMMIT!

So now I am going to just pack away the velcro diapers for the time being and be washing diapers even more often to get the snaps I have to last. Fun!

Oh the joys of toddlerhood!

How many moms out there have gone through this?
What was your solution?
And how long did it take for them to GROW OUT of it?


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