Naps Happen. It Doesn’t Matter Where.

napping toddler on wooden chest
Don’t wake a sleeping toddler.

My toddler’s sleeping habits are almost more quizzical than his newborn/infant sleeping habits. The sleep deprivation that goes along with parenting is enough to drive people insane, and to seek help in any form whatsoever. The internet is pored-over, sleep books are purchased in spades, and specialists are hired to “teach” or “train” kids to sleep.

It’s really frustrating for parents who have kids that don’t sleep well, both at night and for naps, and often, these books and sources can make us feel like failures as parents.

Like many parents, I struggle to get my kids down for a nap in the afternoon. Words from specialists echo in my ears about how naps don’t count unless your kid sleeps flat on a bed or crib. Other sleep isn’t deep enough. That guilt eats at me on days when my kids refuse to nap or only nap in the car or stroller.

One mom decided she wasn’t going to fight her toddlers anymore, so she let her kids tire themselves out and sleep wherever they were. No bed nap required.

The result? Well-rested children, no stress on her, and a freaking hilarious blog full of photos of where and how the kids end up sleeping.

So, take that, sleep books! Not all kids need a dark room, with a noise machine or even a bed or a crib to have a good nap. I applaud Alicia and I’m so glad I discovered her blog through a mutual friend.  Check out some of the napportunities here. 

Incidentally, there are tons of “guest-nappers” —obviously, her kids aren’t the only ones!

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All photos courtesy of Naps Happen.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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