Nature Play: An Everyday Toddler Activity

This week has been challenging in the work/life balance department. Which, generally, if I’m being honest, usually is in some way or another.

Our young lad is usually in daycare full-time and little Abby is in part-time. Since our daycare provider is on holidays this week, we’ve had some juggling and compromising to do. Lots of late work nights, which I suppose we are lucky to have a choice in since both my partner and I work from home.

A special friend of the family, who I’ve written about before is our babysitter for the occasional evening that the mister and I have a date night. Since school hasn’t started for him yet, he and his friend have been extremely helpful in helping to take care of the kids since we unfortunately are not on vacation.

Wyndham has been really getting into taking long walks without his stroller and foraging in the woods. I think, in part due to the fact that we often gather quite a few materials for making art & craft projects once we get home. Thanks to our friend Skye, he hasn’t missed out on his daily treks. 

  • Little Explorer 1 of 5
    Little Explorer
    There is nothing quite like adventuring in the first early rays of sunlight. It's times like this, that I'm working and not spending time with my son that I feel those mommy-guilt pangs.
  • Mischevious Little Sprite 2 of 5
    Mischevious Little Sprite
    That's my man. This look is at once adorable and a tad bit worrisome. Only because he's my son and that look bears a striking resemblance to my own frisky ways.
  • Tree Hugger 3 of 5
    Tree Hugger
    I truly believe that all those walks we took when he was a baby and talk of the power of the trees I had with him; while sitting under their majestic beauty - laid the foundation for his toddler admiration of them.
  • Shadow Play 4 of 5
    Shadow Play
    I love this shot and plan on adding it to our instagram wall mural, made posible by these.
  • Victorious 5 of 5
    Clearly, foraging in the woods is a mighty fine thing indeed.

All pictures taken by the budding photography talent of Skye Polson. Check out his Instagram account!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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