Need A Better Night’s Sleep? Try An Adult Swaddle Blanket!

Do you hear me Santa? It’s me, Emily.

As a parent, how often do you find yourself saying things like, “I sure wouldn’t mind being pushed around in that cushy stroller!” — just me?  Babies and toddlers love to voice their every complaint, but let’s be honest – life is pretty cushy in a onesie and sweatpants.  Over the past 13ish months of parenting, I have found myself coveting many of Cullen’s baby items – a wardrobe filled with elastic waist pants, a car seat that looks like a Lay-Z-Boy recliner, and a chariot on wheels that rolls him anywhere he wants to go.

But my favorite baby item of all?  His bamboo and muslin swaddle blankets.  They are like a little swatch of silky soft perfection made by angels.  He sleeps with them snuggled up to his face every night, and we always make sure to have them on hand for the car seat and stroller.  Aden + Anais, the makers of the famed registry-must-have swaddle blankets have finally answered the call of the parents.

Introducing, the Daydream Blanket for adults.

These large muslin blankets look perfect for snuggling under during a movie, or using outdoors on a cool summer night.  Here’s a little bit more about the blankets, from the Aden + Anais website:

Muslin has protected its wearers from the heat and the cold. It has swaddled countless babies from every land and draped the shoulders of the wise and the elderly from every corner of the earth. It is a fabric that binds us all together– through out all time, all places, and all cultures.  It is the purest, simplest, most gentle, and, in our opinion, the most perfect fabric in the world.

So when it came time to decide what fabric we would use in our products and, especially, in our swaddles we turned to the traditional practices of motherhood — practices that transcend all boundaries of time and culture — and chose muslin. Durable and gentle. Soft and strong. Breathable and comfortable. Time-tested and pure. Today, aden + anais is the steward of muslin’s long legacy and ardent believers in its ability to bring mothers and babies closer together.

At $125 a piece, they most definitely aren’t cheap.  I’ll probably wait for a special occasion or holiday before giving this a try.  But for those parents who joke that they might continue to swaddle their children or teenagers, it looks like that threat is now a real possibility.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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