Never Enough Time for Mommy

never enough time for mommyThese days, nights out with friends are rare and far between. While my husband is awesome at lending a hand whenever needed, leaving him with 4 kids requires the perfect timing. The toddlers are the biggest hiccup, they must have slept or ready to go to bed and their belly’s must be full or food has to be ready. I hate leaving when the husband has had a stressful day at work. Yes, while my day may have sucked – I just can’t do that to him because at least my days that suck are spent in the comforts of our home.

Monday night there was a meetup for an upcoming event I’ll be attending and really wanted NEEDED out of the house. The event started at 5:30 and ran until 7:30. It was come and go, so I could leave whenever the hubs got home. In an effort to look somewhat put together, I somehow found 15 minutes when both toddlers were napping to get dressed early on in the day. I threw my hair in a bun, put on make-up (rare now a days) and dressed myself. By the time my husband walked in the door, dinner was cooked, clothes were laid out for the next day and the kids had napped. BOOM. I was actually going to get a night out. FREEDOM! was calling my name and I ran to it, despite the fact that I wouldn’t arrive until nearly 7 – I was getting out of the house.

Grease hair!!!
Grease hair!!!

I pull up to the hotel, no idea where to go so valet. I take out my bun (later I find out that this is a STUPID STUPID STUPID idea) and run into the hotel to find the restaurant and meet up with friends.

I get a good hour and a half of chatting with a dear friend who stayed late.  As we were leaving, I hit the restroom – looked into the mirror and OMG my hair looked like a grease ball. My sweet friend said, “Oh, I thought you just got out of the shower.” Somehow my Pinterest find of coconut oil in the hair didn’t wash out. I have no idea how I didn’t notice this but it was atrocious. I looked as if I had just gotten out of the shower.

I return home to find dinner still out and dishes everywhere. The kids aren’t asleep and the dogs won’t stop barking.  Never enough time for mommy. I get it. I know, it’s just apart of the job description – but it sucks. Yes, this time will pass and will move quickly but come on – can’t mom get a break every now and then??

P.S. After a second wash, my hair feels amazing. Coconut oil (warm the bottle in hot water to melt it) in the hair does wonders for your hair. You just may want to make sure you hair doesn’t look like it’s been greased after washing and blow drying.

How Do You Make Time For You?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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