New Favourite Game: Hide & Seek

Now that Wyndham is full-on into the pre-school stage of early childhood development, a new level of patience and desire to engage in bigger kid games has been his jam as of late.

His most favourite one of the moment being Hide & Seek. Sure, we used to play it before. Although until one actually knows how to count past three (or at all), and has the patience to stay still for longer than a milli-second whilst counting… it’s not really a true game of hide and seek, now is it?

Which includes peeking.

I’m pretty sure he’s giving it his all, solidified by his commandeering voice shouting at playmates, “No peeking!” behind his hand cupped eyes.

It’s truly a joy to watch my little guy charm and befriend all whom he meets; always managing to corral at least one new pal into running amuck all over the playground and inevitably engaging in a few rounds of hide and seek. His only distraction? Nature. When we’re outside, I don’t need a bag of tricks, toys, a screen or anything else really, other than my own imagination to meet his.

I love teaching him new games and ways to see how he can adventure and discover. Which, truth be told, kid is all about it and often ends up schooling me in free play. His dad and I are just his source for some of the basics.


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