New Tic Tac Ad Puts Television Watching In Perspective, Especially For Toddler Parents

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13 years of television, and how many years on smart phones?

I’ve been strolling the streets of New York City for the last week. I keep coming upon this advertisement for Tic Tacs from their Shake It Up Campaign.

“Most Americans Spend 13 Years Of Their Lives Watching T.V.”


I have no idea where they got their data, but even if you use the metric of watching 2 hours per day:

2 hours X7 = 14 hours per week.

14 hours = 1 day 2 hours

1 day 2 hours x 52 weeks = approximately 60.5 days per year just watching T.V.

Geez, math is so cool, right?

This means that if my toddler watches just 2 hours of T.V. every day he is spending 2 entire months a year just in front of the television. And he’s not even 24 months old yet.

I know that putting it in this light is not exactly realistic because clearly, one would never watch sixty days of television straight and do nothing else.

But just as Tic Tac was hoping, it does make me want to “Shake It Up,” ¬†and lock up the DVD player, which Fuzz can now operate on his own.

Especially now that the days are long and warm, I’m going to make an extra effort to ensure that I reduce the amount of screen time Fuzz and Shnook get this summer.

Meanwhile, the thought of doing the math for the amount of my own life I’ve already wasted watching television is just too depressing for me to fathom.

Maybe I’ll go buy some Tic Tacs (for myself, of course. My toddler might choke on them).

Does this ad make you rethink the amount of Television your toddler watches?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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