Nighttime Potty Training Update: The KEY!

moonThis slideshow on the 10 most common mistakes parents make during potty training reminded me that I needed to give you all an update on our nighttime potty-training experience.

If you’re just joining me today: A little over three weeks ago (it seems like it was an eternity ago!!) the Shnook (3) stopped wearing training pants at night. Since then, he’s had only three accidents, at least so far.

The first time he was totally confused and thought water had spilled all over the bed. When I explained what had actually happened he was really upset about it. I assured him it was okay and we changed clothes and sheets and went back to bed.

The second time it happened, he knew what had happened right away and said “Mommy, I need a change.” He was upset, but he recovered pretty quickly. He changed his own clothes and I changed his bed. Same with the third time, although that night, after we changed and stripped the bed, he just hopped into bed with me for the rest of the night because the clean sheets were in the dryer at the other side of the house.

Other than those instances, he’s been dry every night. I think the key has been to wake him up to pee before we go to bed. Then, if he wakes up later in the night, he pees then too, just in case.  The important part of this is that I wake him up and he brings himself to the bathroom and does the whole business himself. If I carry him to the bathroom and pull down his pants for him,  he sleeps through the whole thing.  I know this because I did that the first week until I read that you’re not supposed to do this. Kid sure has good aim in his sleep.

Most of the time I don’t go to bed until after midnight. I know, I should go to bed earlier but this being the only time I can do any work, or even have a quiet moment to myself, some nights it’s hard to hit the sack any earlier. So right before I go to bed, I go into his room, wake him up, he goes to pee and goes back to bed. It probably takes a total of sixty seconds.

One of the nights he had an accident I woke him up to pee at 11:15 instead of 12:15 or so. I’m wondering if there is something to that or if it was a fluke? Not wanting to take any chances,  I’ve been trying to keep that consistent midnight-ish pee break. Maybe it’s superstition, but whatever.

Last night, I was truly tired around 10:45pm so I went to bed and set my alarm for 12:30. It buzzed once, I got up (now that I’m trained to wake up at the slightest peep of a child), had him pee and then went back to bed. Of course, I would’ve preferred to sleep through, but I was not willing to risk another round of sheet-changing when most likely this would prevent it.

Hopefully this plan keeps working until he can remember to get up himself. The question remains, if I keep waking him up, will he eventually remember to wake up, or will I have to keep doing this for the rest of his life? An image just came to mind of me texting him at half past midnight in college: “Remember to Pee! Love, Mom.”

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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