Not a Martyr: Stunning & Extraordinary Toddlerwearing Images From Around The World

As we draw to a close on International Babywearing Week, I thought what better way to celebrate than to make a call out to all of our awesome readers and fellow Babble bloggers who are active baby and toddler wearers?

I was going to make this a response piece to this silly little article that was written on The Stir, but the more submissions I received and quotes sent in and the conversations I had with the mamas who were sending their pictures in…well, I was inspired and delighted. The annoyance of that silly little article sort of just melted away. These pictures and these stories, speak for themselves.

I’m pretty sure that our ancestors the world over who wore their children…they didn’t consider themselves martyrs. They were getting shit done and loving their kids. Not much more needs to be said. There’s enough heavy and heated debates going on betwixt mothers.

Let’s end the week by celebrating in all of the vast and incredible ways we choose to mother.

Enjoy and Happy Toddlerwearing!

  • Me & The Duchess 1 of 25
    Me & The Duchess
    We travel A LOT with my partner frequently touring as a musician. There isn't (as in rarely if ever) always room for the stroller on top of the stand-up bass and our luggage and other gear. Aside from all of that? I ENJOY wearing my babies and toddlers. I can't do it all the time, as I have a bad back, but I do it when I can and when I want.
  • Diana & Co. 2 of 25
    Diana & Co.
    "For me, wearing toddlers has a different feel and a different set of motives. At this age, I take pride in watching my babies take steps away from me, both literally and metaphorically. I have seen with my three babies that they are able to do so with confidence knowing that I am there to scoop them up as soon as they need it. They don't cling because they're not worried about my rejection. So for us, toddlerwearing is a way to reconnect with a child who has been making headway into the world, to comfort a sleepy, scared, or sick toddler, to assure our toddlers that they will always have a place beside our hearts."
    Check out Diana's resourceful and active community page on Facebook Wrap Your Baby
  • Georgia Brizuela & Co. 3 of 25
    Georgia Brizuela & Co.
    "Oh boy am I thankful for babywearing. I don't exactly know how parenting two this close in age would be possible otherwise. I am so thankful I live in an age where quality and ergonomic carriers that don't kill your back like the Ergo exist. I often have older women raise their brows and say to me "Well. We didn't have those in when I was having babies" and I normally smile and say something like "Oh" because I am socially weird. But what I want to do is lean in and say 'HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO IT?!!??!'."
    Find out why Georgia calls Babywearing her lifesaver.
  • Kelly Hansen & Co. 4 of 25
    Kelly Hansen & Co.
    "I love that I am able to wear my toddler. I hear so many people say that they loved wearing their baby, but stopped once baby became mobile and transitioned into toddlerhood. Adele loves to be worn, and at 20 months, I still wear her on a daily basis. Toddlers are busy little people, with an agenda all their own. I love that wearing Adele brings her back to mama for some time to reconnect and continue to strengthen the bond that has been building over the last 20 months. I love allowing my toddler the chance to learn while being worn, experiencing the world from mama's back."
    You can find Kelly over on her blog collective The Mommy Dialogues
  • Holly Whitney & Co. 5 of 25
    Holly Whitney & Co.
    "One of the things I love about toddlerwearing is our ability to really explore the world together. When my son is wrapped on my front or my back he is up high and can see the world from my point of view. We talk about the things we see, hear, and smell. We are so close that a snuggle or a kiss or a whisper is always seconds away. Happy Babywearing!"
    Read more of Holly's thoughts on wearing her 'Big Guy' over on her blog Artist, teacher, Mother
  • Amanda Carnes & Co. 6 of 25
    Amanda Carnes & Co.
    "As a mom of three, toddler wearing is almost a necessity, it allows my hands to be free, still has the calming effects it did in infancy, and keeps her safe when we are out in public."
    You can find Amanda over on her blog Crunchy Candid
  • Instinctively Natural 7 of 25
    Instinctively Natural
    We all know toddlers don't make-believe in play by doing things they dislike. A prime example of how natural wearing babies and toddlers comes to us.
    Submitted by Dory Smith Graham
  • Rose & Co. 8 of 25
    Rose & Co.
    Rose is a Canadian babywearing model ( living in Amsterdam with her brood. "Falko is worn for convenience and motherly liberation; I can do anything with him on my back."
    Find more stunning phtographs like this by visiting her Facebook Fanpage Carry Them
  • Peach 9 of 25
    Slaying with cute since 2008. Click through to find the tutorial on how to sew your little ones a wrap or mei tai for wearing their 'babies'.
    Photo Courtesy Documenting Delight
  • Rose & Rasmsay 10 of 25
    Rose & Rasmsay
    Ramsay is 4 1/2 which doesn't stop his mama Rose from wearing him now and then. "I wear him to regain those precious moments easily lost with time."
    Photo Credit: Carry Them
  • Errol & Co. 11 of 25
    Errol & Co.
    We've featured Georgia and her children a few times here, this is her husband! Says Georgia, "Multi-tasking double babywearing glasses wearing husband. Swoon."
    Photo Courtesy: Documenting Delight
  • Casey & Co. 12 of 25
    Casey & Co.
    This is a mama who will not apologize for wearing her babies, for wearing her toddlers, for co-sleeping. Not for any of it.
    Photo CourtesyThe Wiegands
  • Cody & Co. 13 of 25
    Cody & Co.
    Our own Cody of Dadding, hiking and exploring through caves with the darling Vivi on his back. This is the husband of Casey Mullins (who writes here on Toddler Times as well as many other fabulous places).
    Read about Cody's adventures in Dadding over on (you guessed it...) Dadding
  • Sibling Wearing 14 of 25
    Sibling Wearing
    Absolutely precious.
    This is Theo and Peach from Documenting Delight
  • Kelli Hansen & Her Brood 15 of 25
    Kelli Hansen & Her Brood
    This sweet mama of four doesn't have much time to be messing around!
    Visit Kelly's online store TMD Shop
  • Dory & Porter 16 of 25
    Dory & Porter
    "I love the eye contact. When mine are so close to my chest, we can really do some serious bonding, just by being close enough to gaze into one another's eyes." That type of bonding through wearing your child in a sling doesn't need to stop just becasue they've reached toddler-hood. Toddlers still crave that warmth and touch that babies do.
    Check out Dory's sling (+more!) shop Worthy Goods on Etsy!
  • Kelly & Staya 17 of 25
    Kelly & Staya
    Kelly is a friend of mine from 'back in the day' and a strong advocate and believer in Attachment Parenting. One of the best mamas I know.
  • The Peach (when she was wee) 18 of 25
    The Peach (when she was wee)
    As we can see here, Peach has been a babywearing enthusiast for quite some time now. Represent!
    Photo Credit: Documenting Delight
  • Kate & Alexandra 19 of 25
    Kate & Alexandra
    "I love being able to carry my toddler around in a baby carrier as it can go anywhere!! My stroller is not as, she sometimes fights getting in the stroller, but loves being up high, snuggling her mama!" Thanks for sending this picture in Kate!
  • More Rose & Ramsay Deliciousness 20 of 25
    More Rose & Ramsay Deliciousness
    I love all of the different ways that Rose knows how to wrap and wear her little ones. With a tot this high up on your back, the lumbar knows NOTHING.
    Photo Credit: Carry Them
  • Theo (Peach’s Brother!) 21 of 25
    Theo (Peach's Brother!)
    Mama Georgia's little explorer out in his freshly sewn mei tai. Says georgia, "Let's not forget the little baby wearing men! Starting his training for being an amazing dad right here."
    Learn to sew a doll carrier by visiting Documenting Delight
  • Rose & Ramsay (One on One Time) 22 of 25
    Rose & Ramsay (One on One Time)
    Rose is young, feisty and ready to spread the word of toddlerwearing, clearly not stopping with baby-hood.
    Photo Credit: Carry Them
  • Dory & Porter Picking Flowers 23 of 25
    Dory & Porter Picking Flowers
    Porter is 2 here, both he and his mama enjoying the ease with which they can be close, have a stroll and enjoy nature together.
    Learn more about Dory and her family over on her blog Worthy Goods Textile
  • Team Tandem 24 of 25
    Team Tandem
    Not a martyr...don't hate the playa.
    Photo Credit: Carry Them
  • Custom Ergo 25 of 25
    Custom Ergo
    Geaorgia has been such a wonderful advocate on the babywearing movement that Ergo featured her and her family on their website yesterday!
    Check it out!

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