Not Your Ordinary Toddler Rooms

How cute is this?

When it comes to toddler rooms there are so many different things you can do, and different directions to go in. A million creative ideas on the internet can certainly help parents to spice up their kids’ rooms.

Because let’s be real, when you grow up and look back on your bedroom as a child, you want to remember all of the really cool stuff that you had, right?  I mean my biggest memory is of the canopy bed I had in my childhood bedroom. For me, it was just like camping out!

Heck, my friends thought it was awesome too!

I am kind of excited that I found Pinterest because I am not the most creative person when it comes to artsy things. I can craft, but I can’t even hold a candle to some of the projects I have come across on there. I would never have even thought about some of these projects! I truly wish I had a knack for arts and crafts…

I have been using some of the ideas I have been coming across to make changes to my own sons’ bedroom. They share a bedroom and really have since I kicked my three-year-old out of my bed around the time my daughter was born. It was getting way too crowded!

These are some of my favorite toddler room and decor ideas for kids rooms I came across and really love.

Feel free to share your favorites below and comment with links!

  • Closet Reading Nook 1 of 10
    Closet Reading Nook
    Ok, as an adult I even want this for my bedroom! How neat of an idea is this?
    Reading Nook on
  • Organization Score! 2 of 10
    Organization Score!
    If I could fit something like this into my boys' room, life would be so much more... Organized! I love it! And it is from Ikea!
    Ikea Piece on OhDeeDoh
  • Bedroom Loft 3 of 10
    Bedroom Loft
    I wish I could build a little fort loft in my bedroom! It reminds me of something Swiss Family Robinson! Wouldn't your kids love it?
    Loft from Pinterest
  • Hula Hoop Tent 4 of 10
    Hula Hoop Tent
    Tell me this isn't a neat idea? It's a tent, a hideout... a fort right in their bedroom and it is easy to make yourself!
    Tutorial from Sew Liberated
  • Desk/Table Play House 5 of 10
    Desk/Table Play House
    Isn't this a cute idea? It's a house, but it also turns into a table. And even a little desk. It looks super simple to make too!
    Playroom Table from Hoozz
  • Bean Bag Chairs 6 of 10
    Bean Bag Chairs
    Bean Bag Chairs are a perfect touch for any toddler/playroom. I know we love them in our house!
    Playroom from My Perfect Color
  • Baskets 7 of 10
    I love baskets... they are perfect for organization! This is a great way to get all of your toddler's toys in order!
    Basket Organization on LiveJournal
  • A slide?! 8 of 10
    A slide?!
    What toddler wouldn't want a bed that includes a slide? How cool of an idea is this?
    Slide Bed from 3BP Blogspot
  • Sunshine inside! 9 of 10
    Sunshine inside!
    How adorable of a set is this? I love the handmade sun accent, it is perfect to brighten up a bedroom!
    Sunshine Wall from Bee in our Bonnet
  • Bunk Beds 10 of 10
    Bunk Beds
    Whether or not you want your toddlers sleeping in them, these have to be the coolest bunk beds for toddlers, especially since the bottom bunk is so close to the ground!
    Bunkbeds from Stella & Henry

photo: Bee in our Bonnet


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