Of Firsts and Lasts: My Favourite Summer Moments

Bye Bye SummerOn Tuesday, Wyndham officially started pre-school and the sun no longer sets closing in on 9pm. There is no denying that summer is over, with autumn inching in.

Which is fine, because fall is beautiful. Fall cooking, crafting and fashion. That’s where it’s at. But winter? Pure blech. Especially up in these Nothern woods.

Once I’m in it, I’m usually good, and actually take up outdoor winter activities. It’s just hard to get a serious love-on for those shorter days when one is still knee deep in all of the sweetness of summer.

One that will always hold an extra special place in my heart. For all of the firsts both of my little ones accomplished or experienced…

  • Pudgy Baby Legs & The Zombie Walk 1 of 20
    Pudgy Baby Legs & The Zombie Walk
    Sure, we'll all miss the evening sunlight and splashing in the pool. I have no shame in playing in a kiddie pool. What I'll miss most of all about being poolside is the sweet, chubby baby appendage. Even my toddler boy still has some of his baby pudge going on and by next year, he'll surely be all boy. Abby will be talking (!) and those luscious legs of rolls will likely be gone in place of legs that run.
  • Summer Music Festivals 2 of 20
    Summer Music Festivals
    We love going to festivals as a family and I know that by mid-winter I'll be yearning for the spring and summer again where we sit under trees and listen to music or play music and dance around with our littles.
  • Naked Time In The Backyard 3 of 20
    Naked Time In The Backyard
    In the privacy of our backyard many an afternoon or evening was enjoyed stripping our kids bare and letting them roll about in the grass, the sprinkler or their kiddie pool. Picnics in the grass this way were also highly popular. For both them and us. Minimal clean-up my friends, lovely amounts of minimal.
  • Neighbourhood Block Parties 4 of 20
    Neighbourhood Block Parties
    We had a couple of these on our crescent and the mister's band rocked our little block's socks off. Also related, his was about the time that our toddler-boy truly started to grok what this rock 'n' roll thing is all about and took to the stage, getting lost in the music. Clearly evident in his stance and groove.
  • The Sweetest Little Strawberry 5 of 20
    The Sweetest Little Strawberry
    Yes, I am that mother who will save a few of her children's most darling baby outfits. This will be among those few, one that she obviously won't fit into next summer - to my dismay.
  • Tiny Dancers 6 of 20
    Tiny Dancers
    As I mentioned a few slides back, we love us some music festivals. This was one of my favourite moments out of all the festivals we went to this summer, a perfect fraction of time captured wherein both of my little ones were caught in a moment of abandonment to the music. To dance, oh how they danced.
  • A Little Boy’s Hero 7 of 20
    A Little Boy's Hero
    This was the summer where the Daddy became larger than life, the perfect companion, the very best friend.
  • 1st Treats: Shared 8 of 20
    1st Treats: Shared
    Long summer days of wagon rides, chasing the ice-cream truck and sharing in it's glory.
  • Outdoor Dining 9 of 20
    Outdoor Dining
    We love spending time outside, especially revelling in our lush backyard. Over the years we've saved and worked hard at creating a pretty sweet little outdoor space, suitable of dining, entertaining, playing and running around in. From barbecue to plate, those sorts of fine evenings are but a memory. Time to bust out the crock pot.
  • Lazy Summer Bike-Rides 10 of 20
    Lazy Summer Bike-Rides
    We took many a leisurely ride along the waterfront in our little town, with the kidlets in tow digging on their sweet chariot ride. Yes, they wear helmuts, this pic was taken while getting them all packed in pre-helmets. Just sayin'.
  • Barefoot, Outdoor Frolick & Fun 11 of 20
    Barefoot, Outdoor Frolick & Fun
    These tubes? Endless hours of entertainment and infinite possibilities. All one needs is sunlight, warmth, energy and a good imagination.
  • Cooling Off With Friends Big & Small 12 of 20
    Cooling Off With Friends Big & Small
    This was a perfect afternoon that Abby got to spend with one of her sponsors, all part of the many moments shared between the two. Now? Now he's one of her favourite people and gets the favoured treatment from an adoring baby that only few in a circle of family and friends get.
  • 1st Birthday Party 13 of 20
    1st Birthday Party
    Abby turned one in July and her party was a lovely celebration with family and friends. Our little beauty was all smiles and clearly was the doll of the party.
  • Crawling & Walking Into Toddlerhood 14 of 20
    Crawling & Walking Into Toddlerhood
    This summer saw the exit of Abby's babyhood, wherein she began crawling and then walking just under two months later.
  • Poser 15 of 20
    Sometime this summer, Wyndham began to pose for the camera, ask to have pictures taken and dabbled in some photography himself. This seems to be a long-standing favourite pose of his the last few months.
  • Evenings At The Park 16 of 20
    Evenings At The Park
    We'll be chasing the sun now, most nights to make it to the park after daycare. Kicking the soccer ball around will soon be laid to rest, as will running around barefoot in the sand in t-shirts and shorts.
  • Beach Days 17 of 20
    Beach Days
    Living close to the beach brought us many an opportunity to trek down to the beach on a whim. This will probably be one of the biggest things we'll all miss this summer, not just me.
  • Days Like This 18 of 20
    Days Like This
    In case you can't tell, I'm not a huge fan of winter. I don't hate it especially since Christmas mos' def' rocks my world. Totally dig autumn. It's just that the freedom (snowsuits, mittens, boots, UGH) that comes with summer, the endless hours spent outside in the fresh air running around wild and free...they are gone baby, gone. Which is precisley why autumn is so lovely. It makes the coming of winter less harsh.
  • Trip To Mexico: Couisin Love 19 of 20
    Trip To Mexico: Couisin Love
    The quintessential little water baby, Abby loved every moment of being in the pool and most especially hanging out with her beautiful cousin Kelly. Clearly.
  • Trip To Mexico: Family Love 20 of 20
    Trip To Mexico: Family Love
    As seen here, chilling in a big cabana with not a care in the world other than wondering what was taking our margaritas so long to come.

Top Image via @SkyeDrums on Instagram

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