Oh, Are Those Your Ears?

When it comes to parenting two boys and then a little girl, I have noticed a couple of pretty crazy differences. Nothing off the charts or too extreme, but pretty noticeable differences.

The boys are quicker to get dirty, even if I push Addison to go play in the dirt with them. She touches it and immediately will wipe her hand on her pants with a look of genuine disgust on her face.

Or the fact that our boys have all the patience in the world, but Addie wants everything now. I have my own little Verruca Salt on my hands.

Maybe it has nothing to do with their genders? Maybe it has everything to do with their birth order? Maybe it has to do with their personalities? Who knows! I certainly don’t!

But one thing I have noticed, which is also driving me up a wall. The scream! You know what it is too!  I used to cringe when I would be out in public and I would hear a little girl let out an ear piercing shriek across a restaurant. I instantly always felt bad for the mother who had to deal with it. It is bad enough to be so embarrassed out in public, but I would always wonder how horrible it must have been to hear it all day long at home!

Recently I was privileged enough to find out! How exciting is that? NOT!

Newest trick in our house?

An ear piercing shriek which I swear is going to make my ears bleed in the somewhat near future. It was cute and funny the first couple times. Now we are about two months into it. No longer is it cute, funny or excusable. It is eating at the last grain of patience in my soul.

I have tried everything to discourage it.

In the car?  We are screaming!
Out to eat? You bet she wants to make everyone know she loves to scream!
Grandma’s House?  How you like that noise Grandma?
Fire House, bowling alley, mall, back to school ice cream social… doesn’t matter where we are or what time of the day it is, there is always a specially wrapped scream addressed for Mommy!


Two boys, almost five years of parenting and I am at a total loss. I have tried everything. Nothing works and she thinks it is absolutely hysterical when anyone shhhh’s her!

Boy, girl, cow, alien… whatever you are a parent to… If you had a screamer I need your insight!
How long did it last?
How did it stop?
How did you discourage it?

My boys never even started yelling while playing till their late toddler years. This is a whole new dilemma for me and I don’t even know where to start at this point!

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