Old School Discipline or Child Abuse?

Soap for a potty mouth?

Washing your mouth out with soap… I bet you that you were there at one point in time as a child. Soap, hot sauce, whatever could get your parents point across when words were no longer enough right?

Last month I saw on the news a woman who was arrested for putting hot sauce on her son’s tongue as a form of punishment. While I didn’t look at the actual full story, or follow up with it… I started to wonder what the line is these days when it comes to parental discipline?

I mean, what was acceptable 25 years ago when I was a toddler would have some parents carted off to jail and never seeing their kids again. It is such a scary and thin line that so many parents, especially bloggers who live in the spotlight for the public to see are always waiting for something to happen.

Is washing a kids mouth out with soap abuse? Is it fully acceptable when words, and other forms of discipline have failed. I mean, some days I just wish there was actually a standard for discipline, a manual that your kids came with to make sure you aren’t screwing something up, or doing shit you shouldn’t be doing.

Pardon my french but these days I am certainly confused with the simplest parenting topics.

I can see how the whole hot sauce thing could be considered abuse… I mean, my almost four year old wouldn’t bat an eye at it considering he will sit down and eat a buffalo chicken pizza with me and not blink an eye… or the time he drank salsa… no joke!

But where do you think the line in the sand should be?


photo: Varlan

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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