OMG! My Toddler Knocked His Teeth Into His Gums

I thought my toddler had knocked out his teeth!

Can you say “WORSE WEEK EVER?”

It has been a series of fails and yesterday was the mother of them all. I had just came home with lunch and setup our toddler Izaiah’s plate. Come to find out he had fallen asleep on the floor. I sat down to talk to our realtor on the phone and 2 minutes into the call I hear a blood curdling scream.

Running thru-out the downstairs, I find Izaiah on the floor screaming. He’s a TOUGH cookie. He doesn’t cry unless he is hurt. I pick him up and cuddle him and grab the phone to tell our realtor I’ll call him back. That’s when I noticed my arm was covered in blood.

Izaiah, in his half-awake state, had decided he wanted his lunch. Some how the routine of getting in the chair, which he does multiple time a day – just didn’t work for him this time. Either that or he fell off of it. Regardless, he was hurt – and he wasn’t even getting into trouble! We were both bloody messes. Thankfully my husband works at home the majority of the time and was able to help tag team.

We had no idea where the blood was coming from. After a check of his head – and finding no injuries – I checked his mouth. That’s when I saw the worse sight ever. It appeared as if he had broken off 2-3 of his teeth. At this point, I am panicking trying to find his teeth, no luck. The poor baby is screaming his head off and I am doing whatever I can not to lose it.The husband is Googling away and calls our pediatric dentist. We are able to get in immediately. With another child napping, and 2 kids at school – I jump on the phone get my sister to pick up the kids after school and grab our other baby. Oh the joys of juggling 4 kids.

The x-ray showed his teeth were knocked into his gums
The x-ray showed his teeth were knocked into his gums.

The pediatric dentist was amazing. There was a room setup for us in the back to not disturb other patients and to let us have some privacy while being treated. Izaiah went thru x-rays to find that his teeth actually were still in his mouth. The white spots that I thought were broken teeth are actually his baby teeth just knocked back into his gums. His gums were just EXTREMELY swollen as well due to the injury.

The husband had to help hold Izaiah down as they cleaned up the mess and tried to evaluate what position the teeth were in. It was awful and I finally just broke down in tears. All while holding our sweet Zeke who didn’t let out a single peep thru the entire dental visit.

What we know is that his baby teeth should re-emerge. The body is an amazing thing. The bad part is we do not know how or when they will do so, nor if there is any damage to his adult teeth.

Izaiah is on antibiotics – to help make sure his gum area does not become infected.  The top inside of his gums looks like open wounds, I really can’t stomach looking. He is so cute, and now his sweet smile features a swollen left side of his face/lips and what appears to be missing teeth.


And today, my husband had minor surgery but his recovery is majorly painful. And the day before we found out we have to move into an apartment so we will have a place to live after our house closes. And I have not felt good all week, but since I’m the Mom I get to grin and bare it. And I hate people who rant so I am shutting up!

Is it the weekend yet? Thank GOD.

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