On Keeping it Sweet & Simple with Toddlers on Snow Days

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be snowed in. Literally. We’ve been road-tripping for more than a few days now, visiting family and friends for the holidays and have been hit with non-stop snow in Southern Ontario.

It’s far too picturesque, warm, and cozy here to care much about not being able to head home as planned. It’s tough really, having to spend yet even more time with our friends, their children, and our own. Sure we’ll have a heavy hit of reality when we get home and work obligations have piled up, but some things are just worth it.

As with many families, the holidays have affected our finances in that we’re not as flush for spending on outings and dinners out. Which is fine by us. All that this means is lots of home-cooked meals and some much needed down-time. May the hot chocolate flow and the cuddle/play-fest continue to commence…


  • PJ’s All Day & Lots of Brunches 1 of 7
    PJ's All Day & Lots of Brunches
    Well maybe not all day, but surely for at least half. Brunch for lunch, maybe breakfast for dinner and lots of snacking in between.
  • Toddler Toss 2 of 7
    Toddler Toss
    Yep. Just toss them into the snow with a friendly dog and everyone's happy.
  • Just Leave Them Be 3 of 7
    Just Leave Them Be
    You don't have to be engaging your little one with tons of activities and outings every second during the holidays. For us, all of the traveling and visiting we are doing is more than enough. Let them discover new friends and environments on their own terms, in their own time.
  • Mid-Day Fashion Shows 4 of 7
    Mid-Day Fashion Shows
    Okay, so maybe this is just us. Old friends have been stopping by with offerings of delightful threads for our little ones. I mean, would this jacket just STOP already? Jeez.
  • Play Dates 5 of 7
    Play Dates
    The best part about going to visit old friends is that you have guaranteed play dates built right in. Well, if your friends have kids, that is. We've lucked out on both ends of the spectrum. Little ones close to the same age as ours and teenagers who adore toddlers and engage with them endlessly.
  • Just Play 6 of 7
    Just Play
    It's as simple as that really. Imaginative, free play is really one of THE best things we can do with our kids.
  • Snuggles & Stories 7 of 7
    Snuggles & Stories
    Lots and lots of cuddles, story-time, movies, fort-building and toddler wrestling.


How does your family recuperate (both emotionally and financially), without spending a lot of money after the holidays?

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