On The Hunt For The Perfect DIY Toddler Beds & Reading Nooks

Come this weekend we’ll all get to set our clocks back an hour which means MORE DAYLIGHTS! WHOOOOOO!

The coming of spring always launches me into a flurry of cleaning, organizing, gardening plans and selecting a few choice projects to do in and around the home over the spring and summer months. I’m slowly starting to wean myself away from harbouring far too many grand ideas in my mind, because that just leads to disappointment.

Pinterest, seemingly, is the new stage for the Mommy Wars and competition is fierce. A theory of which has only been pointed out to me by other bloggers, a thought that didn’t cross my mind before someone else decided it was an issue. I thought it was rather more laughable, the amount of projects we all be pinning, that we know we’ll never have the time for.

Dreaming is lovely. I’d wager that it’s only those individuals, who truly and actually LOVE to make things and tackle DIY projects – whose eyes will get round as pies with all of the possibilities. Reigning in some of my own far-fetched dreams doesn’t really have much to do with concerning myself with what other June Cleaver-ish capabilities and epic time management some other moms have.

Meh. Who carrrrrreeees. I’m not gonna snark on outlandish birthday parties or all of the DIY everything that’s going on, because – my precious energy? Wasted. It’s only a mom-petition if I consider it one. (Plus, I not-so-secretly covet all of that action.)

What I AM going to do is channel that energy to tackle some kick-ass projects this spring that I’ve been yearning to do. Because I sort of LOVE to make stuff. Almost as much as I love my children and partner, good coffee and food, daily yoga and running (who knew?!) and indulging in liquid libations every now and then.

First up on the calendar? Toddler beds. Specifically, it’s a toss-up between switching out the crib and toddler bed in my kids’ shared room with a set of toddler bunk beds and also making a cosy corner reading nook / extra bed in the playroom for naps and toddler friendly sleep-overs. Because those have started happening.

So. Help me choose why don’t you!

  • Sweet toddler-bed making victory…you shall be mine! 1 of 21
    Sweet toddler-bed making shall be mine!
  • Ana White Twin Bed Brag 2 of 21
    Ana White Twin Bed Brag
    Ana White has a brag listing feature on each of her DIY tutorials. Love this rendition. The stuff her readers make? A M A Z I N G.
    Get the free tutorial via Ana White, via Being Brook
  • Another Upholstered Option 3 of 21
    Another Upholstered Option
    I love the execution of this one, inspired by the tutorial up ahead in Slide #7 by Design Mom, featured over on Design Sponge.
    As seen on Twin Dragonfly Designs
  • Bohemian Daybed 4 of 21
    Bohemian Daybed
    For an eclectic space, this would do well in our playroom too. Oh, the choices.
    Get the instructions via Attempting Aloha on Indulgy
  • Corner Unit 5 of 21
    Corner Unit
    I just looked at my living room wall and thought about moving my vinatge couch to my sewing room/office and making a larger version (different colour palette), like this for that spot. We spend a lot of sweet mornings where the sunlight is glorious in this room and the retro couch while gorgeous, isn't the most comfy for reading/jumping and body piling/snuggling. Uh oh.
    Get the tutorial via Project Nursery
  • Crib Into Loft Toddler Bed 6 of 21
    Crib Into Loft Toddler Bed
    Now this is fun, and doable space-wise for our playroom, since a number of their toy baskets and larger itmes could be stored underneath...or, it could act as a permanent fort.
    Get the tutorial via The Mommyhood Memos
  • Easy Upholstered Bed 7 of 21
    Easy Upholstered Bed
    I love the soft contours of this bed and how easy it would be to move around. I also think it would compliment as a dual unit (as in make two) in the corner as a reading nook and additional guest bed for sleepovers!
    Get the tutorial via Design Mom on Design Sponge
  • Fire Engine Toddler-bed! 8 of 21
    Fire Engine Toddler-bed!
    Not very practical for us...but my little guy would loose his ever-loving toddler mind over this one.
    Get the tutorial via Ash Bee Design
  • Fire Truck Bed 9 of 21
    Fire Truck Bed
    Wow. Just wow. One of Ana's hardcore fans of her plans made this and about 20 other of her projects, making them truly his own! I don't have the skills for something like this, but it is inspiring.
    Get the tutorial and more loft bed inspiration via Ana White
  • Floating Pallet Bed 10 of 21
    Floating Pallet Bed
    Modern with a touch of rustic flair (pallets).
    Get the tutorial via The Mombot
  • Ikea Hack 11 of 21
    Ikea Hack
    Simple, modern, cute.
    Get the tutorial via Apartment Therapy
  • Low Bunk Beds 12 of 21
    Low Bunk Beds
    The perfect size for toddlers... because let's be honest. The thought of putting ones toddlers in a bunk bed is more than a tad bit frightening, given their self-deemed super powers in flying a soaring. Which they of course don't really have.
    Get all the well-laid plans via The Design Confidential
  • No Sleep Till Brooklyn 13 of 21
    No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    I know, right? As if anyone is making this other than the super-expensive, incredibly talented architect firm some well-off NY'ers paid to create for their 5 kids. Still, one can dream. You should SEE the rest of their flat. WANT.
    As seen on Incorporated
  • Pallet Bed 14 of 21
    Pallet Bed
    I really want to love this one. I love the rustic charm, although I fear it's a bit rough tactile wise. I'd probably round the edges and maybe give it a translucent white wash and beeswax finish to brighten it up a bit, yet still keep the worn texture.
    Get the tutorial via Lori Danelle
  • Pallet Reading Bed 15 of 21
    Pallet Reading Bed
    Anotha contenda for the playroom.
    Get the tutorial via Ashley Ann Photography
  • Repurposed Crib Mattress 16 of 21
    Repurposed Crib Mattress
    I have two! Oh glorious day. I really dig the un-toddleriffic look of this. Not everything has to scream toddlers! Babies! Primary colours! Yay!
    Get the tutorial via Fab Rehab Creations
  • Simple Bed Frame 17 of 21
    Simple Bed Frame
    Laying low, this one is a lovely, easy choice to make for the Montessori enthusiasts, or those who like to keep things sweet and simple.
    Get the tutorial via Snap Guide
  • Sweetest Reading Nook 18 of 21
    Sweetest Reading Nook
    This one is ranking in my own personal top 5 for the playroom. It's small and unobtrusive and would suit napping, reading and toddler sleepovers.
    Find the tutorial via Kojo Designs
  • The Ultimate Playhouse Loft Bed 19 of 21
    The Ultimate Playhouse Loft Bed
    Told ya I loved Ana White. Apparently, many others do too. This is from her brag pages, hosted on the tutorial page for this project.
    Find the tutorial via Ana White
  • Upholstered Daybed 20 of 21
    Upholstered Daybed
    Oh, Ana White. How I girl crush on thee.
    Get the detailed tutorial via Ana White
  • Wheely bed / Reading Nook 21 of 21
    Wheely bed / Reading Nook
    It's on castors! J'adore!
    Find out how to make this via Husohem


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