Orange Berry Spinach Smoothies: AKA “How I Get My Child To Eat Vegetables”

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Orange Berry Spinach Smoothies: AKA "How I Get My Child To Eat Vegetables"I’ve never been much of a veggie eater, especially during pregnancy. I generally have a raging sweet tooth and it definitely didn’t dissipate during those 9 months of gestation, which is why I’m pretty sure I passed my sweet tooth along to my daughter.

The problem with this is that vegetables are good for us and we should probably eat more of them even though they aren’t our favorite, which has been a recent goal of mine. I need to be better about modeling this for Fern so that she learns to have healthy and balanced eating habits as she gets older.

The good news is we both like fruit, which is why I decided that we are officially smoothie drinkers. Smoothies are a great way for us to get in the fruits and vegetables that we need and some days it’s the only thing I can actually get my little one to consume because she loves drinking anything through a straw. Apparently straws are a fancy novelty when you’re a toddler – who knew?

But, I digress…

Here is one of our current favorite smoothie recipes – perfect for hiding veggies!



*2 cups spinach and/or kale

*1 cup assorted berries (we’ve been using blackberries and frozen raspberries)

*1 banana

*1 fresh squeezed orange (you could also sub this out for a bit of Minute Maid® Pure Squeezed orange juice – about 1/4 cup)

*1 Tbsp. flaxseed meal

*1.5 cups greek yogurt


*Throw it all in a blender and pulse until your smoothie is the desired consistency – you can also throw everything in your cup and pulse with an immersion blender which is what I do. In order for this to be a smoothie and not just juice, make sure at least one of the fruit elements in your smoothie is frozen (i.e. a frozen banana, or I use frozen berries). You can also throw in a few ice cubes as well. Add larger amounts of fruits or veggies to your smoothie depending on the size you’d like your smoothie to be. I actually split this recipe with my daughter and while the smoothie looks a little small when it’s split, it’s super filling and keeps me going ’til lunch!

Hope you enjoy your tasty and nutritious smoothie!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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