Our Favorite Gadgets

We are a pretty tech-heavy house.  A lot of that has to do with my job as a blogger and digital marketer – not only do I tend to crave the new products, they are usually pretty useful in my careers. So it’s no surprise that in our house we have two iPhones, an iPad, four iPods, a mac, and a Lenova netbook. That’s not even counting the amount of gadgets and toys we have around the house that simply make our life easier.

Then again, we Little House on the Prairie it, too.  Our ice maker is bust, so we make ice the old-fashioned way – in trays. I tend to write in a journal with ink and paper.  And we read books with spines and pages most of the time, which is why we have books strewn across the house, classics piled into a bookcase in the living room, and some still packed away in boxes.

Here’s a round-up of our favorite gadgets in the house:

  • Crockpot 1 of 7
    This is a must-have electronic for a working momma. Pop in dinner before I leave and it's ready when I get home!
  • The iPad 2 of 7
    The iPad
    Netflix for all of us, games for Harry, books for momma, social media to keep us all connected. The entire family uses this bad boy on a daily basis.
  • My beloved Keurig 3 of 7
    My beloved Keurig
    This is responsible for waking me up in the morning. It also makes wicked iced coffees at home, which have helped our bank account!
  • Howard the sun lamp 4 of 7
    Howard the sun lamp
    I suffer from depression and it gets worse in the winter, so I sit under a light therapy lamp, which mimics sunlight and helps increase my mood. I would be lost without this gadget.
  • Mixing for a cause 5 of 7
    Mixing for a cause
    My pink mixer gets a ton of use and helps speed up dinner, from mixing potatoes to meatloaf to cake mix...I can walk away and let it mix while I prep something else! Time saver!
  • The Holy Grail of all electronics 6 of 7
    The Holy Grail of all electronics
    Yes, the smart phone. My calendar, communication, social media, banking, email, fitness, and fun is all located on this tiny thing.
  • My sexy washer and dryer 7 of 7
    My sexy washer and dryer
    Okay, they're not "sexy" anymore but when I bought them in 2007? SEXY. They work hard all week and do a great job. They're also efficient and fast, which helps my water bill and my time management!

Do you have any of these? Would they make your list?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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