Our House Sold, But Now We Are Homeless

Hey!  Great news!  We finally received an offer for our house after six months on the market!

::throws confetti into the air::

Y’all, it’s been one hell of an emotional ride.  I felt so hopeful in the beginning and now I see how incredibly naive I was about the entire process.  We had neutral walls and cute decor and a big lot on a cul-de-sac so I thought, “This will only take a month.” WRONG, BA.  By February I was irritated, by March I was losing hope, and April…let’s not even talk about the despondent cloud that surrounded my days.   I got to the point that I couldn’t even talk about the house on the market and every suggestion irritated me.  I swore that if one more person told me to bake cookies to make the house smell nice, I was going to find a kitten and punch it in the face.

Not really.  I wouldn’t really do that.

Our offer came in on Monday night and you can read all about it’s contingency and how we’re still waiting here.

But now the BIG decisions are up for discussion – do we buy another home? do we rent? do we move in with my parents short-term?

Option #1:  Buy Another House
The pros to this are pretty obvious – equity into the home and freedom to decorate.  I’ve been itching to implement some of the home improvements I’ve seen on my favorite blogs, which includes blue glass backsplash in the kitchen.  The risk is that we’d like to go ahead and get into a “forever home” or a “next 10-15 years home” so that we’re not messing with this real estate market for a long time.  But since I’m a 1099 contract worker and haven’t been that way for over two years, getting approved for a mortgage could get a little sticky.  There’s also the risk that if we buy, I may not get another gig for a long time.

Option #2:  Rent An Apartment
Sure, we could rent a house but in North Raleigh, that means we’d be paying more for a rental than we would on a mortgage and we’d have to sign a 12+ month lease.  Since we’re looking to rent for only 6 months until my working gig firms up, that’s just not a great option.  There are some great apartments in the area and I get excited thinking about a little pool and playground right at our fingertips for the summer.  Hours in the sunshine and chlorine!  Then I think about obnoxious neighbors and dreary kitchens with no light and having to walk Tuck (our dog) on a leash to potty.  Yuck.

Option #3:  Move In With My Parents
Which is what Harrison and I are doing right now due to my new commute.  It’s going beautifully as I (and my husband) get along great with my folks.  It’s also really nice to have the help with Harrison in the morning, or if I have a deadline looming during bathtime.  Plus, I only have to cook 1-2 nights per week.  The money we’d be able to save for a hefty downpayment is significant, considering we wouldn’t have rent or utilities.  On the other hand, I’m living out of a bedroom like I’m 16 again or living in a dorm room.  And having marital relations ::cough cough:: while my parents are just a wall away is…awkward.  I don’t know how sustainable that would be for more than 2 months.

So all of these options have pros and cons to weigh.  Which one would you pick if it were you?

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