Our Insta-May: What A Month!

Even though we’re a few days into June now, it’s still worth recapping our adventurous May! In one short month we flew to Ohio and Indiana for my sister’s graduation, celebrated Mother’s Day with family, sold our old house, bought a new house, and found out the gender of our next baby! It was a really exciting month, and a great time of celebration as we go into sunny summer.

I didn’t pull out my big camera much last month, as we were in and out of moving boxes and suitcases most of the time. Luckily I had my phone on hand to capture some of our fun moments through Instagram…

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    See what we were up to last month!

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    If you had asked me when I was pregnant about how I thought the dogs would do with the new baby, I would have told you that I was most nervous about Indy - our sweet, but often aggressive-toward-other-dogs yellow lab mix. While that has never translated to people in the past, I just wasn't sure how he'd do with such a big change. He is very demanding of attention, and it turns out that a toddler is the perfect place to get just that. Who would have guessed they would end up best buds?

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    We re-purposed our infant bath tub into a backyard water table, and Cullen can't get enough! He is out there any day that it is warm enough. (And begs to go out even when it's not!)

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    Summer temps arrive in Seattle! We had a short burst of warm weather and sunshine early in the month—just enough of a taste to bust out the shorts and sandals, and enjoy some much needed time outdoors.

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    He was so pooped on Mother's Day that he actually fell asleep out in public. I can't even remember the last time he did this!

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    Another long plane ride from Ohio to Seattle, and this one turned out to be his best ever! We've gotten much better at choosing flight times that work well for him, and the iPad buys us hours of peaceful playtime in the friendly skies.

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    Cullen is really into water these days, whether it's splashing in the backyard "pool" or just hanging out in the bathtub. He loves cups and pouring, and occasionally insists on going in the empty tub while I finish getting ready in the bathroom. Such a goof!

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    I laughed when I looked into Cullen's crib and realized I could barely find him among all the stuffed animals, blankets, and books scattered about. I remember back in the early days when I was afraid to have even the tiniest thing in there with him! My how things change in just a matter of months...

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    We moved to a new house this month, which was a huge change for our family! Cullen has been absolutely loving his new space, new yard, new room, and new sunny playroom. Best of all, dad's commute is much shorter so we've been enjoying breakfast and dinner as a family. Doesn't get better than that!

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    Grandma flew out from Ohio to help us with the move, and Cullen didn't leave her side the whole time she was here. I beg her daily to pick up and move here! It is so fun to watch them together, and I love that he's finally at an age where he is developing relationships with his extended family.

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    At nineteen months, Cullen has become such a little person. His toothy smile and lanky legs barely resemble the baby he was a year ago. It really does just keep getting better and better!

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    At the end of the month, we found out that Cullen will be getting a little BROTHER in October! We are so excited to meet this newest little guy, and I'm having fun imagining Cullen as a big bro. I can't believe I have to think of another boy's name now! Argh!

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