Our Insta-Month: Farewell February!

Where 2014 started off a bit rocky for us, things really turned a corner this past month. February was full of family and fun and we really made the most of it. We had lots to celebrate too — a Superbowl win, a birthday, and grandparents coming to visit! February is one of my favorite months here in Seattle — the days finally start to feel a bit longer, the sun comes out of hibernation, and the temps warm up and allow us to go run around the parks in lighter jackets.

It was a great month, and a wonderful way to kick off what I am willing to call — SPRING!  See what we were up to in February, through Instagram

  • February 2nd 1 of 12

    Superbowl Sunday! The Seahawks won, and I can't help but think that the world's cutest mascots had something to do with it. We had a blast celebrating with the rest of our city. The air was electric with football energy!

  • February 5th 2 of 12

    I got slammed with mastitis again, and it was my worst time yet -- definitely a low point of the month. I laid in bed for several days and barely moved. Silver lining? It was probably the most I've slept in two years.

  • February 3rd 3 of 12

    Cullen has a subscription to High Five Magazine, which is the toddler version of the popular children's classic, Highlights. He looks forward to it arriving all month long and gets so excited when a new issue comes in the "mailman truck!"

  • February 9th 4 of 12

    We got our one and only snowstorm, which lasted for exactly one day. We made the most of it and played outside all day -- building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and trying (unsuccessfully) to coax our 2-year-old into sledding. Maybe next year?

  • February 11th 5 of 12

    The temps warmed up to puffy vest weather and the neighborhood chicks came out to play. These silly chickens live a few houses down from us, and they run around loose outside all day long. They are super friendly and Cullen loves to watch them cluck around from our front stoop.

  • February 14th 6 of 12

    A sweet Valentine's Day with my two favorite little angels. We celebrated at school with Cullen's classmates and enjoyed lots of extra hugs and kisses.

  • February 16th 7 of 12

    I finally caved and trimmed Cullen's mop of hair. I love it long but it was so overgrown it was reaching mullet levels again. He ended up getting a great hair dresser who took just enough off, but not too much. We'll definitely be going back to the same spot next time!

  • February 24th 8 of 12

    My 33rd birthday!  Words can't describe how blessed I feel to have such sweet little boys in my life, and I had a wonderful day at home with my family and a fabulous night out with my husband.  How did I get so lucky?

  • February 26th 9 of 12

    The grandparents came to visit for a week, and Cullen simply could not get enough of them. We had a good bit of weather so we were able to get out and visit some fun spots like the zoo, the parks, and even play some baseball in the backyard. I sure do wish we lived closer, but at least we make the most of it when we're all together.

  • February 19th 10 of 12

    Cullen has been having some separation anxiety when being dropped off for things like school or childcare. On this particular afternoon, he had such an epic meltdown at drop-in childcare that I gave up and took him home. Actually I took him out for donuts. Some hard core disciplinarian I am, right?

  • February 20th 11 of 12

    These two crazy kids sure can make ME feel crazy sometimes. On my worst days, I try really hard to remind myself that they are only going to be this little for such a short stretch of time. I look for the smiles and try to forget the rest at the end of the day.

  • February 27th 12 of 12

    I finally ventured to the playground all by myself for the first time with my boys. Only took me four months!  The weather was too perfect to stay inside, and we all had fun. And now I have that over with and don't feel so intimidated to do it again.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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