Our Insta-Month: Goodbye, July!

I know I sound like a broken record, but I just can’t believe how quickly this summer is flying past. Maybe it’s because we’re in a new house with a big sunny backyard that we love. Or maybe it’s because I feel my ever-looming due date sneaking up on me. Whatever it is, it might be moving fast, but we’re soaking it all up and trying to take advantage of every moment.

This week brought all sorts of local fun like splashing in wading pools, riding the city bus, and multiple trips to the Seattle Zoo. We also had two big trips this month—one just for mom, a girls’ weekend to San Diego, and the other a week-long family vacation in South Carolina. With our travels behind us, we’re pretty much grounded now until our newest family member arrives, so I’m glad we were able to squeeze in a few more trips as a family of three.

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    goodbye july

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    We kicked off our month with a mom's group play date at our house. Cullen's buddies arrived just in time to watch the trash truck roll down the street -- an obvious thrill to all the kiddos!

  • July 3rd 3 of 15

    We've had a beautiful, warm summer, which has led to many afternoons in the wading pools and splash parks. Cullen loves swimming with his buddies!

  • July 4th 4 of 15

    We spent a chilly Fourth of July hiking just outside of Seattle. Cullen was so grumpy that we almost turned around mid-hike. It turned out he was just really tired, and he ended up conked out in the back of the hiking backpack by the time we were done.

  • July 6th 5 of 15

    We had a nice family picnic at a waterfront park on a sunny Sunday evening. It was one of those perfect nights where you look around and feel so grateful for all that you have.

  • July 11th 6 of 15

    We're trying to get Cullen comfortable with the idea of potty training, and that means doing whatever is necessary. In our house, that means diapering his stuffed friends whenever he gets his diaper changed too!

  • July 13th 7 of 15

    I spent a weekend away in San Diego, and enjoyed a fabulous few days with one of my best friends. We relaxed and pampered ourselves before dancing the night away at an outdoor wedding. It was amazing.

  • July 15th 8 of 15

    My little garbage collector is still obsessed with trash. The highlight of each week is Monday morning when the truck pulls down the street, followed by Monday afternoon when he gets to help bring the trash cans in.

  • July 19th 9 of 15

    The only thing he loves as much as garbage trucks are monkeys. It is always our first stop at the zoo, and I think he could stand there and watch them all day long.

  • July 21st 10 of 15

    Another new favorite activity is riding the city bus! Casey took Cullen on his first bus ride when I was out of town for the weekend, and ever since he's been asking to on again and again. We've been using the bus to get around to all our favorite markets on Sundays -- it's the little things, right?

  • July 22nd 11 of 15

    Dad went out of town for a week, so it was just me and the little guy snuggling at home. With my evenings to myself, I let him rock with me a bit longer each night since it's not something we do very often anymore. It's hard to find any room in my lap these days!

  • July 24th 12 of 15

    Cullen got a new backpack in preparation for our beach trip, and he had a blast running around with it on -- even inside the house. It ended up being a great way to store all his things in one place and keep track of it all while we were gone.

  • July 26th 13 of 15

    Is there anything messier than a toddler eating soup? Sigh.

  • July 27th 14 of 15

    We made it to Atlanta safe and sound, and then we hit the road for a six hour drive to Hilton Head Island. It was our first roadtrip with both a toddler and an infant, and it actually went surprisingly well all things considered.

  • July 28th 15 of 15

    We made it to the beach, and enjoyed a wonderful week with family. Those family visit weeks always go by way too quickly!

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