Our Insta-Month: Come Back, June!

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up, so I’ve been pulling up my calendar frequently to make sure I don’t overlook anything important. Every time I glance down at it I’m surprised to see that August is the next click to the right. August? To me August is the end of summer, although here in Seattle it’s actually closer to the beginning.

I feel like I blinked and June was over—where did it go? We are just getting started on hitting up wading pools, visiting the zoo (okay, we do that year-round), eating giant ice cream cones, exploring farmer’s markets, and more. How it is possible that a whole month of summer is gone already? And I’m so in denial of the days ticking by that I didn’t even stop to realize this until the July 4th holiday had passed.

Time to revisit our summer checklist and make sure we don’t miss anything before it’s too late! In the meantime, check out everything we were up to in June through Instagram!

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    So far this summer is all about getting dirty. I don't know if it's just my kid in particular, or maybe boys are messier, but we seem to end every single day with a full coating of dirt, mulch, and sunscreen on both of us. Good thing he loves the bath tub almost as much as he loves digging in the dirt!

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    In our quest to be outdoors as much as possible, we've had fun meeting up with friends and sharing outdoor treats. This particular day was a mom's group date at our local vegan donut bakery. Totally amazing!

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    Cullen got a set of new wheels in June! I found it for free on the sidewalk and fixed it up for him, and he's been loving it ever since. He hasn't even figured out how to drive it yet, but is totally entertained by simply getting in and out over and over again.

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    When we do occasionally come inside, we've been making good use of Cullen's playroom. His new favorite word is "empty"—which means he dumps all his toy baskets onto the floor and proclaims it loudly. We are still working on "pick up" and "full" unfortunately.

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    Halfway through the month, Cullen and I surprised Dad with a weekend getaway trip to the San Juan Islands! We found a great family-friendly spot that worked perfectly for our needs, and we soaked in the incredible views as much as we possibly could.

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    Cullen took vacation relaxation to a whole new level and slept in until almost TEN o'clock one day. Casey and I were sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting to get our day started!

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    We spent our last day in the San Juans celebrating Father's Day. Cullen and I are so lucky to have Casey in our lives!

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    I feel like it is a summertime requirement to be covered in sticky watermelon juice, right? We've been eating our weight in the pink stuff, and show no signs of slowing any time soon...

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    Dad was out of town for the weekend, so Cullen and I hit the farmer's markets and playgrounds by ourselves. You can tell he is less than thrilled to be wearing a hat!

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    Zoo date! It was rainy and drizzly so we had the place to ourselves. Cullen ran around with his buddy while the moms chased in strollers and tried to keep up. Highlights were seeing the monkeys, elephants, and baby lion cubs!

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    We started swimming lessons in June. I thought it was going to be a really fun activity, and while I guess it is, it's also a lot of work and really exhausting. Perhaps I should have factored in that I would be seven months pregnant while wrestling Cullen in a pool?

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    I don't think Cullen has any idea what is growing in my ever-expanding midsection, but he says baby and offers kisses and it still melts my heart. I can't wait for these two to finally meet!

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    Our first baseball game of the season! We took Cullen to a few last year but he was so small he just hung out in the Ergo most of the time. This year is totally different, and overall it was a great experience. I'd definitely do it again.

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    We had a crazy heat wave here that lasted a little over a week. Seattle doesn't usually get temps in the 90's, and without air conditioning we had to head outdoors to seek relief. Cullen tested out his first ponytail to stay cool!

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