Our Insta-Month: Oh Brother, October!

I’m back! I took the month of October off from writing, as we had some pretty exciting changes going on. Most notably, a new baby! A little brother for Cullen! It has been a month of learning, changing, and growing, but we’re getting there. Slowly but surely, life gets more fun and more exciting each day. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for almost a month now, as it all still feels so new.

Here’s what we were up to in October, through Instagram!

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    October 3

    We kicked off October knowing that a new month would bring a new baby! But until that day came, Cullen and I lived it up as much as we possibly could lunch dates, dinners out, playgrounds, museums, and more.  

  • October 4th 2 of 19
    october 4

    Our last date night for quite a while! I knew it was risky to buy concert tickets just five days before my due date, but the chances of me having the baby early seemed really slim. We had a great night out, and definitely savored what we knew would be the last date for a few months. Crazy to think that exactly a week later I spent Friday night cuddling a brand new baby!

  • October 5th 3 of 19

    I had a feeling this might be our last baby-free weekend, so we took advantage of the nice weather and headed north to the pumpkin patch. We picked pumpkins and apples and Cullen had a BLAST. He was all business making his selections, and he was a total hoot. He's at such a fun age for all the holiday fun this year!

  • October 6th 4 of 19

    We finished out our weekend with a gorgeous sunset viewing on the beach. The weather was warm and unexpected for October, and it was a treat to get one more good beach night before winter set in.  

  • October 8th 5 of 19

    Right before my due date, Cullen went through a brief nap strike. While frustrating at the time, I told myself that perhaps he knew those last days with just me were fleeting, and he wanted to soak up every minute. He treated me to a very rare lap nap, and I sat there and stared at him for an hour straight.

  • October 9th 6 of 19

    My due date! Our day was pretty typical and I felt totally normal.  

  • October 11th 7 of 19

    But two days later, Cullen's little brother Graham arrived! He was born early in the morning, and Cullen played at a friend's house while mom and dad adjusted and recovered. After nap time, Cullen came over to meet his new little brother. My heart pretty much exploded.

  • October 12th 8 of 19

    The next day, we headed home as a family of four. I was instantly nervous as soon as we walked in the door, but it got better throughout the day. Cullen had a bad cough, which made it extra stressful to have a newborn around him, but he handled the transition really well.  

  • October 13th 9 of 19

    With each passing day, we all got a little bit more comfortable. It was so nice to be home for a week together as just us four while we learned the ropes!

  • October 14th 10 of 19

    My husband stayed home for the week, and we spent our mornings entertaining Cullen, while snuggling Graham during Cullen's afternoon nap. I felt pretty limited in what I could do physically, which kept me from being able to help with Cullen too much. Emotionally, I really struggled to find a new balance.  

  • October 16th 11 of 19

    Within just a few days, Cullen really seemed to embrace the fact that Graham was a new part of our family. Even though I know he's a very loving and sweet boy, he surprised me by wanting to give his little sweet hugs and kisses throughout the day. He has been wonderful.

  • October 17th 12 of 19

    But of course, life goes on as normal for toddlers. Cullen loved having Casey home for the week, and he carried around his tool box whenever Casey had his big tool box out to fix something. He also got a pretty snazzy new pair of yellow rain boots!

  • October 19th 13 of 19

    By the end of our first week as a family of four, I felt pretty confident that we were all going to survive.

  • October 20th 14 of 19

    Despite having a baby attached to my boob most of the time, I made sure to sneak in some extra time for just me and my big boy. I read him stories and tucked him into bed one last time as a one-year-old...

  • October 21st 15 of 19

    Cullen turned TWO! He wanted to go to the Space Needle for his birthday, so that is exactly what we did. We had a great day as a family, and I think he felt extra special and celebrated.

  • October 23rd 16 of 19

    Grandma came into town and helped us shop and get ready for Cullen's second birthday party! Cullen was glued to her side the entire time she was here.

  • October 25th 17 of 19

    In preparation for Cullen's "trash bash" birthday party, he got an amazing toy garbage truck from Mimi and Grandpa. Who knew emptying trash cans could provide so much entertainment?

  • October 27th 18 of 19

    The Seattle rain and gloom arrived, but we were prepared. I am loving all of Cullen's fall clothes and winter gear this year. He doesn't have a huge assortment of stuff, but what he does have is all really cute and functional.

  • October 29th 19 of 19

    I had my first solo outing with both boys Target! where we finally got Cullen a Halloween costume and some trick or treating pumpkins. The pumpkins became his new favorite toy at home, and he loved filling them up with all the food from his play kitchen.

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