Our Insta-Month: See Ya, January!

I’m going to keep it real here — our 2014 started out as sort of a bust. January was a tough month for a number of reasons: issues with our dogs not getting along, my husband traveling for two weeks and just generally feeling overwhelmed by life and where it’s headed. But between the headaches, and a bit of heartache, there were also a lot of bright moments and memories. We had some fun trips, a visitor from back home and plenty of other good things, but we didn’t spend nearly enough time together as a family — and by the end of the month, we were feeling it!

I am looking forward to February, which should keep us all in one place for a bit.

Here are some of the fun bits of our start to 2014, as seen through Instagram!

  • January 1st 1 of 14
    jan 1

    Is there any better way to kick off a year than waking up to a snuggly infant?  I cherish these very fleeting sleepy snuggles.

  • January 2nd 2 of 14
    January 2nd

    We packed up and hit the road on New Year's Day -- heading to the base of Mt. Hood outside of Portland, Oregon. Cullen and his buddy loved playing in the snow!  

  • January 3rd 3 of 14
    jan 3

    While we were in Oregon, Graham turned 12 weeks old!  Hard to believe he is so big, and yet he's changing so fast it's hard to remember life before him.

  • January 6th 4 of 14
    jan 6

    As soon as we got back from Oregon, my husband left for a week-long work trip. Mom tried to keep things fun back at home, even though I was desperately missing dad!  (Ignore the Broncos shirt -- this was before the playoffs began!)

  • January 7th 5 of 14
    jan 7

    I finally made my venture back into postpartum fitness, starting with my beloved Barre3 classes.  Cullen played at a friend's house, and Graham hung out in the childcare area.  It felt like a big first step!

  • January 13th 6 of 14
    jan 13

    As Graham has continued to grow and become more interactive, Cullen shows more and more interest in him.  Whenever he cries, Cullen jumps up and announces "I have to go check on Graham!" -- it is heart-meltingly sweet.  

  • January 15th 7 of 14
    jan 15

    I have continued to figure out how to be there for both my boys now that we've grown to a family of four.  Rather than focusing on one at a time, I'm looking for ways to engage them together.  One of Cullen's favorite things to do is sit on my legs facing me and read books while I feed Graham.  It's complicated, but it works!

  • January 17th 8 of 14
    jan 17

    Graham and I traveled to Connecticut mid-month so we could meet his new cousin Levi.  These little guys are only 18 days apart!

  • January 19th 9 of 14
    jan 19

    While I was in Connecticut, Cullen got to Skype with his 2.5-year-old cousin, Jonah!  Is there anything more adorable than toddlers doing a video chat?

  • January 20th 10 of 14
    jan 20

    Graham and I had a tough day getting home at the end of our trip.  Four airports, three flights, and 15 hours later, we were finally back!

  • January 25th 11 of 14
    jan 25

    As soon as I got back from Connecticut, my husband left for a week in London. Cullen did his best to help me take care of Graham! He has turned out to be such a sweet and loving big brother.  

  • January 29th 12 of 14
    jan 29

    Dad came home and brought Cullen this awesome soccer jersey!  So adorable.

  • January 30th 13 of 14
    jan 30

    So nice to have our whole family back together again.  Graham loves doing bedtime stories with Cullen, and I love making him part of our traditions.  

  • January 31st 14 of 14
    jan 31

    Ended our month with a bang -- literally!  Cullen got two huge goose eggs on his head about 10 minutes before school picture day. Of course, right? Poor guy. He got a lot of ice and kisses!

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