Our New Playroom Rug!

As you can see, it’s a high traffic area.

I heard the telltale thunk on our porch and went running.

Yep. There it was. Our brand spanking new playroom rug had arrived courtesy of UPS.

I excitedly dragged that bad boy into our playroom, snipped off the plastic wrapping, unrolled it and was immediately surprised.

The colors are more vivid than they’d appeared on the Home Depot website. I absolutely love it and so do the kids. If you remember, when we last left off, after perusing the options at the Home Depot store in our area we decided to order from the endless options for kids rugs they have online. We narrowed our decision down to these five rugs.

I finally pulled the trigger and bought the one you see below. I got the 5X7 size after considering the 6X10 option and am glad I did. The 5X7 size feels huge in the playroom and anything bigger would’ve been too large. The colors are bright and happy, exactly what I was looking for. And we’ve already had a milk spill from a leaky sippy cup (and SOMEONE spilled a little bit of coffee) and both liquids blotted right up in seconds.

Now I need to get some colorful curtains and we’re closing in on the home stretch of decorating this playroom. Knowing me, though, by the time I finish with the playroom the kids will have long since outgrown the decor.  Anyway, check it out so far.

  • Find the Child 1 of 5
    Find the Child
    Violet loves the new rug.
  • And The Dog 2 of 5
    And The Dog
    Max does too.
  • Coming Together 3 of 5
    Coming Together
    It's slowly coming together. I eventually hope to get some curtains and a new couch.
  • Another View 4 of 5
    Another View
    This is a large playroom and the 5X7 size is just perfect.
  • Colorful 5 of 5
    The colors are awesome. Every color in the rainbow is featured. While Violet is learning the states Henry is learning his colors.

A big thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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