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The good, the bad, and the interesting!

The past couple weeks I have been doing an Instagram wrap up of what we did as a family for the week, and I have really enjoyed sharing all the different pictures.

This past week was the first week without school. We’re getting accustomed to our new daily schedule until September.

Lots of fun activities are planned between now and when school returns to session, but we stayed put this week. We were hit with an insane heat wave, and despite it being the last week of good strawberry picking locally, we had to pass just because of the safety issue.

Although I certainly am looking forward to sharing all the other fun stuff for the rest of the summer!

What did you guys do this week?


  • Addie Walked! 1 of 7
    Addie took her real first steps right across the pediatricians office on Monday. By Sunday she was running. Here comes the fun!
  • Heat Wave! 2 of 7
    I look so happy right? This was right before I became the incredible hulk and put our air conditioning unit in while my husband was at work.
  • Water Time! 3 of 7
    The kids had a blast playing in the water. It was great to keep them cool, but we couldn't spend too much time outside!
  • Naked Baby! 4 of 7
    When I was a baby, this is how I spent most of my summers. I absolutely love this picture!
    She was having a blast playing in the pool with her brothers.
  • Travel Time! 5 of 7
    We re-arranged all the car seats in our van, and I took a trip in the back seat with the kids. Now I remember why I never sit back there!
  • Amazing Food! 6 of 7
    For the first time in a couple years we hit up The Cheesecake Factory and I had THE best salad ever. It was so pretty I was worried about diving into it.
    So I took a picture first to remember. LOL!
  • Loopsy Obsession 7 of 7
    Our La La Loopsy obsession expanded as our collection did. This marks Addie's 6th Loopsy!

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