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I feel like I haven’t done a “week in Instagram” post in a while. Honestly, I was sparing the readers here from some really non-exciting pictures over that time as well.

The past two weeks have picked up a bit in our lives. Between back to school night, Addie growing up so much, and the amount of mom-pride I have had for my boys, I have a lot to share this time around.

Plus, who doesn’t love pictures? I know I get super excited when people share tons of pictures. Maybe that is just me?

We have back to school night at our pre-school, Addison’s first milk shake, a memorial for my sister, and just downright fun we had over the weekend. All those moments we are so lucky to be able to document so easily with all the technology today.

I mean seriously… think about it. Even five years ago it wasn’t this easy!

  • Quality Time with Grandpa 1 of 10
    Quality Time with Grandpa
    The kids got to spend some quality time with their Grandpa. Addie soaked up all the attention before her big brothers got home from school!
  • Cinderella!!! 2 of 10
    We got the new diamond edition Cinderella which Addison is officially obsessed with. It is a huge hit for the whole family!
  • I Got Tattooed 3 of 10
    I Got Tattooed
    Over the weekend which marked a year since I lost my sister, I went and had her name tattooed on my wrist as part of the memorial tattoo I am going to be getting. Part two comes in January with an angel. It was a great step in healing.
  • Memorial Balloon Release 4 of 10
    Memorial Balloon Release
    The day after I got my tattoo, our family got together and had a memorial balloon release for my sister. We all wrote her messages on balloons, then let them go up to her in heaven. The kids really loved this.
  • I LOVE Being Sick! 5 of 10
    I LOVE Being Sick!
    I had a cold for two weeks, and finally decided to go to the doctor. If you are like me, you hate going to the doctor yourself and would rather skip it if you can. Well, I tried but apparently I waited too long. I ended up on all kinds of fun medication last week which made me virtually useless all week.
  • From Summer to Winter? 6 of 10
    From Summer to Winter?
    Apparently we aren't going to get much of a fall here in New England. Last week it was FREEZING! Our heat even kicked on! My oldest and I were freezing and pissed at the bus stop. Is it spring yet?
  • Ben’s Back to School Night! 7 of 10
    Ben's Back to School Night!
    I had back to school night at Ben's pre-school and I am so extremely proud of the awesome report I got from his teacher. It certainly made me one proud mama!
  • Lazy Cat 8 of 10
    Lazy Cat
    My cat is lazy. He really is. If he isn't outside trying to kill small animals, he is parked on my bed often trying to take over my mouse pad. Its ok though, hes cute so I will cut him a break.
  • Saturday Night Fun 9 of 10
    Saturday Night Fun
    What did we do on Saturday night? Worked on homework, colored, and played a board game. My oldest son wanted to take silly pictures too. It was just such an awesome mom-weekend. We had so much fun together and I cherished every moment.
  • Addie Vs. The Milk Shake 10 of 10
    Addie Vs. The Milk Shake
    The biggest mistake Daddy made was letting her have a little sip of the milk shake yesterday. We headed to the diner for breakfast like we often do on Sunday morning and Will shared a sip of his strawberry milkshake with Addison. Well, she decided it was HER milk shake, and SCREAMED every time he took it away. Oh what a blast that was! It was hysterical to watch though.

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