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It is that time again!

Our Week in Instagram, all of my personal favorite pictures from my Instagram account this week. But unlike weeks before, there is a cool new way people can check out photos on Instagram without being a member or even owning a smartphone!

There are actual Instagram profiles now! My is linked up here, feel free to check it out.

This past week we did some fun stuff and had a big historical event. The Presidential election. I brought my kids with me to the polls to vote, and my oldest son was the most interested in the process by far. I think it is because he also talked about it at school. Ben and Addison just wanted to touch stuff they really shouldn’t have been. I felt like a ninja voting.

We also had a snow storm, the first week of November. I am kind of worried as to how much school we will miss this winter if we are getting started this early!


  • Dear Santa 1 of 14
    Dear Santa
    We did some coloring, and wrote letters to Santa. Yup, that time is here!
  • Dye Time 2 of 14
    Dye Time
    I dyed my hair. I had left over manic panic in my hair from the summer time that I just had to get out! I feel refreshed to say the least!
  • We Voted 3 of 14
    We Voted
    On election day we hit the polls as a family. My oldest son was really interested in learning. Addison, not so much.
  • Ate Till She Slept 4 of 14
    Ate Till She Slept
    Addison was enjoying a blueberry donut in the car, until she fell asleep. With the donut in her hand. I think its the cutest thing ever.
  • Re-Election 5 of 14
    I stayed up, late. Watching all the news coverage of the election and was proud to be part of the election process.
  • Visited Their Uncle 6 of 14
    Visited Their Uncle
    We took the kids to visit with their late Uncle. We try and bring them as much as we can to keep his memory alive.
  • Then it Snowed 7 of 14
    Then it Snowed
    October snowstorm last year. This year we had a November snow storm that kept the kids out of school after Sandy closed the school district for an entire week, the previous week. I was not ready for all that! But it was pretty!
  • Toddlers Vs. Cat 8 of 14
    Toddlers Vs. Cat
    The cat lost, toddlers won, and Legos were the method of torture. "You can cover me in LEGOS! But you cannot take my remote!"
  • Oh Just a Clean Desk 9 of 14
    Oh Just a Clean Desk
    My desk... well, it ends up covered in everything from kids stuff, to papers, mail... you name it and it ends up on my desk. I took some time to clean and re-organize this week and it re-charged me completely.
  • Our First Frozen Yogurt 10 of 14
    Our First Frozen Yogurt
    I brought the kids for our first frozen yogurt bar experience this weekend. We got all kinds of stuff. Mostly fruit, and shared it. They loved it!
  • My Baby Benny 11 of 14
    My Baby Benny
    I can't believe my baby boy is almost a big boy. Ben is three, and will be four next May, but every day that goes by, he is just... so grown up. I love this picture.
    "Mommy, Lets take a nice picture"
  • Veteran’s Day 12 of 14
    Veteran's Day
    Veteran's day was not a holiday in our school district this year, but they did celebrate in school with activities and a school program in the afternoon. I loved having my oldest come home with this.
  • Long Lost Etsy 13 of 14
    Long Lost Etsy
    I bought this on Etsy years ago. It was my very first Etsy purchase, and I adored the artist. Everything he made was 100% hand drawn and handmade. Sadly, before I could grow my collection, he passed away unexpectedly and his family closed up his Etsy store. TR Mack Studios will always be one of my favorites!
  • My Dad… In the Navy… In the 1970’s 14 of 14
    My Dad... In the Navy... In the 1970's
    Last night I came across a stack of old photos of my dad. Some were of him in the Navy so I thought it would be fitting to share on Veteran's day. Well apparently, my Dad looks like Brad Pitt? At least that is what a ton of my friends on facebook, and Instagram said. I was kinda shocked by all the cat calls! I love my Dad!

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