Parenting Win: Big Boy Bed Success!

There are times when I feel as if my toddler really struggles to meet each new milestone.

New experiences including drinking from of a cup, using a fork and spoon, and certainly potty training have all been met with tears and resistance, so I could only assume that making the move from the crib to a big boy bed would be just as difficult.

Of course, you never know what to expect from a toddler, and this week my son has really surprised me with his behavior. Keep reading to find out what happened during my son’s first week in the big boy bed!

I wanted everything to be perfect that first night. We gave Evan a warm bath, put on his pajamas, and tucked him into his new toddler bed to read a few books.

At first, he said that he was scared, but we explained to him that this was his new bed, and that he needed to try to go to sleep like a big boy. We reassured him that if he needed us, we were right down the hall.

Each night for the first few nights, we had to put him back in bed when he came to us, but after the first week, it seems as if he has warmed up to the new routine, and has been sleeping through the night in his new bed.

Of course, this makes me a little sad, because I can see that he is truly growing up, but I am also so proud of him for handling the transition so well.

I envisioned the worst, months of fighting at bed time, and having to put him back in bed 100 times a night. I guess I should knock on wood, but so far, this is a major parenting win and I couldn’t be happier!

Was the transition to a toddler bed difficult, or easy for your little one?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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