Parenting with 2 Moms, 2 Dads and 7 Kids

parenting with 2 moms and 2 dadsThis past month, we have had a different family arrangement.  Instead of just my husband and I around to parent our 4 children, we have been with my brother-in-law and his wife giving us 2 moms and 2 dads for our kids.  They have 3 children, so 4 parents and 7 children have been together under 1 roof for the most part of June. We first visited them, now they are visiting us and I don’t want them to leave!

While our older kids are easy to wrangle, the toddlers – well they are a handful. I know the toddlers are hating this living arrangement (by living, I mean vacation – but maybe I can just convince my in-laws to stay like forever). Now with 8 eyes on them, instead of 4 – they can’t get away with anything!  Suddenly, food is staying in the kitchen. Anytime one of them sneaks out to the backyard to play in the sandbox, they don’t get farther than the porch before they are busted.  If they want to play outside, there are 4 adults now to help keep an eye on them.  And those are just a few of the benefits when it comes to kids.

In general, having the extra hands around has been awesome.  We all take turns cooking meals, so my load has been less.  Cleaning is done by one and all. And get this – my husband and I have gone on a few date nights (and they’ve done the same)  Built-in babysitting, YES YES and YES! I seriously could get use to this!

Our kids are loving their cousins being here. Sure there is bickering, but there are 4 parents to help nip in the bud as well.

Unfortunately, my in-laws THINK they are leaving the week after next. For the next week, I will be plotting a way to keep them here forever, wish me luck.

Is Parenting with Family Easier or Harder for You?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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