Parody & Truth: 10 Books for Bossy, Whiny, Picky Toddlers

Toddlers are many, many wonderful things. They also whine. A LOT. Perhaps some more than others, depending on how spoiled they are. Regardless of that, we parents of toddlers are guaranteed of one sure thing at this stage of the parenting trip. 

They whine. A lot. (Just thought I’d repeat myself there). While there are a plethora of books around that you can stock up on when your brains have turned to goo in a desperate attempt to not join in on the regular melting, I’m thinking perhaps it is the TODDLERS who could benefit from some books themselves.

Books on some of the things they do best, like whining, bossing, and refusing food. You know what I’m talking about. It’s okay to admit it. As much as our offspring at this age are beautiful, sweet, adorable, precious, and (mostly), innocent; talking and joking about the fact that they can also be little zombie, brain-sucking monsters is OKAY. We’re still good parents when we make these admissions.

We’re AWESOME parents when we get them books addressing these less than shiny bits about how they learn and develop. Us? We have enough books. Enough advice already. I’d like more pretty pictures, dark, morbid humor, and hidden/not-so hidden teachings please. More of that please. (Less bossy, whiny, picky toddlers.)

  • For this magical, fleeting time as parents… 1 of 11

    Parody. Hidden humor for the parental units. Valuable teachings. Awesome illustrations. Dark humor. Sometimes morbid even. These books have what you want, check 'em out!

  • Monsters Eat Whiny Children 2 of 11

    We'll just start with the best one first. I saw this at Chapters one day after school last week and you bet I scooped it up. We don't usually pay full price for books, but sometimes one has to make the exception. 
    Get it on Amazon, $6.90

  • The Worst Day of My Life Ever! 3 of 11

    My guy has been having a lot of rough days since he started kindergarten. Poor little dude. While things are definitely (slowly) getting better, this new milestone becomes a regular, expected, and anticipated part of our daily routine. I'm giving this book some well deserved props for assisting us in this department. We picked it up at the library last week and I see those wheels turning in Wyndham's head every time we read it together.
    Get it via Amazon, $8.54

  • The Quiet Book 4 of 11

    I'm thinking of this book for Abby, love the beautiful illustrations too!
    Get it on Amazon, $5.18

  • Crankenstein 5 of 11

    Heavy WANT on this book. It's on my list to hopefully find at the secondhand emporium that I frequent a few times a year. If not, I can always get it used on Amazon.
    Get it via Amazon, $12.18

  • Stand in My Shoes 6 of 11

    A fantastic book for helping to teach young ones how their words and actions affect others. Another great find for us from the library.
    Available via Amazon, $8.27

  • I Just Don’t Like the Sound of No! 7 of 11

    Who does, really? Alas, it is something that toddlers hear a lot and while I understand that it must be frustrating, so is the fact that they're stuffing crusts under the couch pillows, or leaping from tabletops, or sticking fingers up each others' nostrils.
    Available via Amazon, $7.88

  • The Way I Act 8 of 11

    A simple, wonderfully illustrated book that we picked up a long time ago at the library and we all like it enough to want to own it.
    Get it on Amazon, $12.18


  • Bedtime for Mommy 9 of 11

    A little role reversal, yea? I mean, you KNOW you want this one. Lots of hidden humor in here for parents.
    Available via Amazon, $12.18

  • The Luck of the Loch Ness Monster 10 of 11

    A tale of picky eating. Oh yes - amazing illustrations and lots of humor in tackling one of the greatest challenges in raising toddlers. Getting them to eat!
    Available via Amazon, $12.39

  • The Boss Baby 11 of 11

    A funny, quirky, TRUE book all about the bossy stages from baby into toddlerhood. All that pointing and demanding - YEESH. They're lucky they're so dang cute!
    Available via Amazon, $7.19

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