Passover Can Be Fun For Kids Too

Easter can be a hard holiday for parents to compete with, what with the chocolate, the egg hunts, the larger-than-life bunnies and of course, the Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Passover was a holiday that I learned to appreciate as I got older. Once I wasn’t the youngest at the table and could pass singing the four questions on to my little sister.

For me, Passover was an incredibly long dinner with one big chance at a cash prize— the reward for finding the afikomen. At which point, I would have to negotiate with my Uncle and play serious hardball.

But I don’t remember doing any Passover related crafts or activities during the week long holiday.

Probably because my mother didn’t have the internet at her disposal to get any ideas.

My daughter is much luckier.

Here are eight ideas for fun activities you can do with your kids to celebrate Passover.

  • Bag of Plagues 1 of 8
    Bag of Plagues
    One of the best parts of the sedar is the reading of the ten plagues. Make it even more fun for kids by assembling goodie bags with items to represent each of the plagues. Plus it will be something to keep them entertained throughout dinner.
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  • Bake Chocolate Macaroons 2 of 8
    Bake Chocolate Macaroons
    My mom always bought Manischewitz macaroons but why not bake them yourself with your kids?
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  • Create a Sedar Plate 3 of 8
    Create a Sedar Plate
    There are tons of options for decorating a sedar plate depending on how accident prone your kid is. For my daughter, I'd go with paper plates, cupcake liners and crayons.
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  • Decorate an Afikomen Bag 4 of 8
    Decorate an Afikomen Bag
    This is probably one of the easiest crafts imaginable. Make a paper or fabric envelope and then decorate with markers, glitter, stickers, the works.
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  • Compete with Cadbury Creme Eggs Head On 5 of 8
    Compete with Cadbury Creme Eggs Head On
    The only way to beat Easter is at it's own game. Chocolate covered matzoh is delicious but add some caramel into the action and it's tough to beat.
    Get the recipe onDavid Lebovitz
  • Matzoh House 6 of 8
    Matzoh House
    As a kid, I was always envious of famililes who made gingerbread houses at Christmas time. I wish my mom had thought of Matzoh Houses back then!
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  • Decorate Elijah’s Cup 7 of 8
    Decorate Elijah's Cup
    Take a plastic goblet and let your child decorate with stickers, glue and paper cut-outs.
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  • Matzoh Farfel 8 of 8
    Matzoh Farfel
    One of my favorite things about Passover was Matzoh Farfel in the morning- basically Matzoh pieces in scrambled eggs. I have no idea why we never ate it at any other point in the year except to make sure it remained a special Passover morning treat.
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Have a Happy Passover!

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