Patience is a Virtue

thanks day 5Today I am thankful for patience. Patience is a virtue they say, and well with toddlers you have to have patience. If not, they will run you over and eat you alive. Sadly, with that last statement I am some what kidding. They won’t eat you alive unless your toddler is a zombie. But the running you over part, well that’s the truth. Running you over, well I am quite familiar with this.

Patience is something that I’ve had to learn I’m still learning how to do since staying at home with my toddlers. MY time, well it’s more like their time. As much as I would love for them to learn at the pace that I’d like them to (don’t worry, I’m not all TIGER MOM), do things like not throw food on the floor and stop jumping out of their cribs, it’s all in their timing and it’s a lesson for me in patience.

I get angry and mad and just want them to KNOW what’s wrong and what’s right. But you know what? They are 1 and 2. They are still little. They are still learning. Why am I just not letting them be their ages? Oh patience.

The photo above happened last week. The baby gate on Izaiah’s room? I woke up hearing a noise, it was him removing it – then carrying it to me. Patience Molly… PATIENCE!

Patience, I am thankful that my toddlers are teaching me you – someday I’ll understand how to be patient… someday… 

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