Pick of the Week: My Toddler's Favourite Toy

… Aside from cars and books that is. Those will be a constant and steady favourite in all of their never-ending, variable glory. This shiny new(ish) item isn’t a toy so much as it is a learning activity.

One that I covet nearly as much as my boy.

You never know when you pick something up for your child— that you think they might like, or even love — how long it will last.

Well, it’s been over a month since I brought this beautiful set home and he’s still cherishing it like an ice cream cone.

Which is refreshing, given all of the learning apps and games that he also adores on the iPad or iPhone. This is a nice refraction from the screen without us having to peel him away. The more learning activities and games we introduce to our little guy, particularly of the Montessori style, the more engrossed he’s become with good old fashioned playing and natural learning.

It’s rather exciting really, and I feel like we’re creating a great environment for him to develop in. Don’t get me wrong, there are many a morning when Netflix gets turned on or the iPhone makes an appearance for just a few more precious minutes of sleep to be graced upon us.

It’s just good to find some balance, ya feel me?

Without further ado, (I know you’re dying to find out what this fantastic set is and where you can find one), I present to you the Geoform Boxed Set, by Djeco. Available at Indigo. I picked up the set of magnetic wooden letters separately because both items were on sale at a little mom & pop in my neighbourhood. Because I was sure I’d hit the jackpot. You can find them on Amazon.

The sets are a little pricier than any of the other toys or games he has, but are built to last through the years and the children. It’s one of those items that I am careful in keeping organized and teaching Wyndham how to care for it lest we loose any letters. If we are careful, it may just survive his sister too, and I can save it in a chest to share with my grandkids or for them to have for their kids.

I highly recommend this for any toddler — Wyndham will sit for long periods of time sorting letters, playing the magnet memory games, sounding out letters and he’s just begun to ask us to spell out words with him. Endless options and age-appropriate for years to come.

I mean, my kid can’t even put it down at meal-time!

What are some of your favourite learning and/or heirloom toys?

***Disclosure*** This is not a sponsored post, Djeco hasn’t even sent me a drop of dark chocolate or wine (they really should, shouldn’t they?) We just love these sets.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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