Pigtails! And The Next Stage of Parenting…


My friends, it is happening. My little girl is officially no longer a baby.

I know I’ve been here on the Toddler blog for while now, but most mothers I know don’t consider their babies to be toddlers until they absolutely can’t deny it anymore.

Walking into running. Babbling into forming words, talking and singing. Where we purge of baby swings and exersaucers and cribs and baby gates.

Where my little girl seems to be potty-training right along with her brother for good measure.

These are some of the signs that have brought me to that place.

That place where I stop spinning for minute. Sit down with a thud and fully accept that there are no more little babies in my care.

At my breast. Needing swaddling. No more mewling and cooing.

If I sound melancholy, it’s becasue I am. I told the mister this morning, matter-of-factly, “You can rest easy now. The battle of wills is over. We are done, and I’m okay with that.”

Done having children that is.

For the longest time, I was dead-set on having three kids, but he only wanted two. A very common issue, I know. But still, it’s been ours. Perhaps things will change years down the road; I know enough about life to know that it holds no certainty.

Admittedly, I am sad about our long-sought-after, mutual agreement, but I also feel good about moving into this next stage of parenting. This next stage in our relationship. I mean, no more newborns.

My eldest toddler has turned a big corner of independence; he’s being potty-trained and accelerating phonetically, emotionally and mentally at warp speed.

Oh, and did I mention PIGTAILS? Long enough to twist and curl and cause my tummy to clench up PIGTAILS?!

Sure, I feel good about this next stage of parenting. The pigtails say it all. I love dressing my feminine little girl up and doing her hair. More so because she loves it all.

But still.

Someone hold me.


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