Pills vs. Candy: Grandparent Edition

colorful pills
Pills or candy?

If you read Sunny Chanel’s post back in April, you’ve surely played the Pills vs. Candy game, brilliantly conceived by the people at Poison Control. I played it myself and I definitely got some wrong. To be fair, you have to read carefully because sometimes they ask you to click on the candy and sometimes the pills, so it’s also a lesson in reading instructions, a skill at which most parents could use a refresher course.

Staying at my parents’ apartment has been somewhat of a challenge in more ways than one, but my sixty-something parents happen to have a lot of medicine lying around, mainly because my father has multiple sclerosis. My dad takes dozens of different medications to ease his symptoms and to lesson the effects of this horrible disease, which has no cure. He struggles with mobility, and occasionally cognition. Once in a while, this can result in finding a stray pill on the living room floor.

With two kiddos under four, that stresses me out, man! So far, neither kid has put anything in his mouth. Fuzz is still prone to do this, so I have to watch him like a hawk. Shnook is usually pretty good, although he loves his “medicines” and has reminded me every morning to give him his gummies since he started taking them when he was two.

Thankfully, neither kid has experienced too much candy that looks like medicine, yet, other than Halloween M&M’s and a trial of jelly beans that Shnook rejected (phew).

Since he’s old enough to understand, I tell him constantly that he should never take medicine unless one of us gives it to him. I tell Fuzz, too, but I still have to follow him around at my parents’ place.

Since I have a friend whose two-year-old daughter DID take her father’s heart medicine (and was rushed to the hospital and had her stomach pumped) I feel this is a legitimate parental anxiety. She’s fine now, by the way, but you can bet they never feel 100% safe when grandma and grandpa come to stay now which is very sad.

Have you played Pills Vs. Candy? Have you had issues with your toddler trying to “eat” medicine, thinking it’s candy?

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